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I have been a customer of KSC Crystals on and off for several years and I have always found Keith to be very, very helpful. This purchase was no exception. I'm so fascinated by crsytals and their healing properties and wanted to create a grid for a specific reason. Keith rang me to discuss my needs before choosing some wonderful crystals on my behalf. His customer service is second to none.

I was nervous because I'd never ordered from this company before. My concerns were totally unfounded. My purchase arrived in a very timely manner & was exactly the same piece I looked at. I could not possibly have asked for better. Thank you very much. I look forward to ordering from you again.

As always, the crystals received were stunning I LOVE Dragon's Blood and highly recommend it. KSC is also GREAT at sending some as a gift Who wouldn't love receiving crystals in the mail And again, as always....a lovey crystal as a gift Thank you KSC....I recommend you often to friends and clients

Can’t find the healing crystal your looking for? Don’t worry we might have the healing crystals for you, as all our products are not listed on the website. Please call or email your enquiry. We are always happy to look for unusual types of crystals and quartz for the Crystal healer or Reiki healing therapist.
Crystal Pendants
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Agate Pendants
Agate imparts sense of strength and courage; helps one to discern truth, grounding but energetic.
Amber Pendants
Sacred to American Indians. Electro magnetic properties. Reputed to have the ability to draw disease from the body. It absorbs negative energy so it needs cleansing regularly.
Amethyst Pendants
it is suggested that Amethyst is here to teach us humility, spirituality, contentment, third eye stone, repels negative, helps eyes, liver, pancreas, intestines & lungs.
Ametrine Pendants
Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst & Citrine.
Angel Aura Pendants
Angel Aura is also know as Opal Aura
Angel Pendants
In whichever way Angels are known, there are ways in which you can communicate and work with them for yourselves and others around you.
Apophyllite Pendants
Apophyllite The 'Stone of Vision', this beautiful stone is able to open the third eye and greatly increase the second sight abilities. Apophyllite can help one to see clearly using second sight as well as helping to strengthen and sharpen the physical vision, helping to combat eye weaknesses and eye strain.
Aqua Aura Pendants
Aqua-Aura combines Clear Quartz and gold to produce a very intense energy. The throat chakra is particularly affected, facilitating good communications. It is used to remove negativity on all levels, and to activate other crystals to be used for healing.
Aquamarine Pendants
Aquamarine is used for many healing applications,for example strengthening and healing, to calming and balancing. Aquamarine is an opener of the heart and throat allowing emotional understanding and expression of self.
Aragonite Sputnik Pendants
Aragonite is a stabilising stone that centres and grounds physical energies.
Azurite in Granite  (K2) Pendants
Azurite in Granite  (K2) Pendants
Barley Twist crystal Pendants
Barley Twist crystal pendants. Various crystals available.
Black Obsidian Pendants
Black Obsidian is a very protective stone. It is said to form a shield against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment.
Black Onyx Pendants
Black Onyx is believed to be one of the most powerful protection stones. Its way of doing this is to absorb and transform negative energy. Because of this quality people find it helpful in relieving stress and for emotional stability.
Black Rutilated Quartz Pendants
Black Rutilated Quartz is an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth.
Blood Agate Pendants
It has been reported that Blood Agate was used heal the blood, as well as to stimulate the feeling of calm, peace and harmony.
Blue Apatite Pendants
Blue Apatite Apatite helps creativity, ease apathy, sorrow, and anger, allowing us to focus on more joyful times. It can help reduce irritability and aggression, helping us to accept and feel love toward even the most difficult people. Helps to expand knowledge, clear mental confusion and achieve a deeper meditative state.
Blue John Pendants
Blue John The 'Enigma Stone', holding a very special energy within, this is a stone that has a never ending "bible" of solution and wisdom; it is quick to learn and quick to teach, as well as being very beneficial for the mind state.
Blue Peruvian Opal
The stone of courage and ingenuity. Blue Peruvian Opal is said to improve self-worth and self-respect. It is also said to be an assist to creativity and communication of all type.
Brandenberg Pendants
Brandenberg Quartz is an amazing mixture of stones - Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Cacoxanite.
Bumble Bee Jasper
Also know as Eclipse Stone.
Cacoxenite Pendants
Cacoxenite forms inside clear Quartz crystal or amethyst as an inclusion. It is a somewhat rare occurrence, and can create a visually impressive crystal.
Carnelian Pendants
Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony and is reported to be a stone of creativity. Like all other agates, it has protective energy.
Champagne Topaz Pendants
Topaz The stone of "true love and success in all endeavors". It can be used to manifest health and correct disorders within the body.
Charoite Pendants
Charoite is a stone of transformation this stone has a very high vibrational rate ! It cleanses the aura and chakras by transmuting negative energy into healing.
Citrine Pendants
Citrine brings one to a state of stillness as it is needed, in order to open the mind to intuition and helping one to focus on the present and the future using this sense as well as being grounded at the same time.
Clear Quartz Pendants
Clear Quartz Pendants.
Cobalt Aura Pendants
Cobalt Aura is the trade name of an attractive metallic blue Quartz. The surface treatment is trademarked, but is believed to involve a Cobalt based coating that is deposited by spraying at high temperatures.
Cuprite can stimulate, strengthen, and heal the Root chakra, awakening Kundalini and fostering energy and vigor.
Danburite Pendants
Danburite The 'Stone of the Crossing', holding an almost electric energy, Danburite work's as fast as lightning, this stone is a key to the crossing over of inner being to the world of light.
Dragon Pendants
A selection of Dragon wrapped crystal pendents.
Emerald Pendants
Emerald Pendants The ‘Stone of the Sacred Heart’, holding added offering’s, Emerald and her intensity is a stone for lover’s, a stone for passion‘s, beauty and confidence. This stone seal’s relationships of the heart where love is true and sacred, untouchable and unbreakable.
Epidote Pendants
Epidote the ‘Awareness Shield’, offering a very strong energy for protection from any negative force or any negative intent, especially while inner awareness is growing and developing.
Eudialyte Pendants
Eudialyte helps the heart physically, to heal where necessary, especially where arteries need repair and strengthening, as well helping improve the blood circulation around and through the heart itself.
Faden Pendants
Faden is a German word meaning thread, and these crystals are characterized by the white, threadlike lines running through them. Many are also tabular (flat), and consist of joined crystals with the line running through them.
Fluorite Pendants
One of Nature’s most powerful mental healers. Many who have experienced the power of Fluorite have labelled it the Genius Stone.
Glendonite is a perfect crystal to work with if you are learning a new skill.
Goldstone Pendants
Goldstone is a man-made stone, it is a type of glass with glittery metallic material in it. It is a valid classification, as it has many properties of narural glasses, such as obsidian, which are modified by its being man-made and having been doped with additives.
Green Aventurine Bullet Pendants
Green Aventurine dispels pain and fear, gives love, prosperity and heals the emotions.
Green Aventurine Pendants
Green Aventurine dispels pain and fear. Green Aventurine gives love, prosperity and heals the emotions. Do not cleanse in the full sun as the colour can fade in sunlight.
Hematite & Quartz Pendants
The 'Stone of the Warrior', this stone encourages strength and integrity.
Hematite Pendants
Hematite the 'Twin Stone', mimics and matches energy outputs of other crystal & minerals.
Hemimorphite Pendants
Hemimorphite allows one to take responsibility for happiness or unhappiness, for creating ones personal reality, and for recognising and utilising the powers of self-concept.
Herkimer Diamond Pendants
Herkimer Diamond It has been suggested by Robert Simmons that these crystals are manifestations of pure solidified spiritual light that emanate a high, harmonious energy that sings on the upper levels of the vibrational spectrum of the quartz group.
Howlite Pendants
Howlite decreases overly critical thinking, selfishness, stress, pain, and rudeness.
Imperial Topaz Pendants
Imperial Topaz The 'Stone of Praise', helps the being to recognise achievements, ability and positive qualities, of not only the self, but of others too.
Jade Pendants
Jade overall is a gentle natured stone, its loving, soothing, caring and uplifting. It is a stone that gives support in times of need, and a hand of hope. In its different forms it does have different offerings, yet with the same undertones.
Kunzite Pendants
Kunzite The ‘Stone of Confidence’, holding a striking energy that instils confidence at its best, helps remove negativity and moves the being towards a pathway of light.
Kyanite Pendants
Kyanite aids in creative expressions such as art, dance, writing, etc. It strengthens the truth in a person and makes one more reliable. It brings to one serenity. Kyanite is wonderful when used as a shield.
Labradorite Bullet Pendants
Labradorite is said to protect and renew. Named Old Warrior's Stone, it is believed to refresh the energy of weary souls, keeping the aura clear and protected.
Labradorite Pendants
Labradorite is said to protect and renew. Named Old Warrior's Stone, it is believed to refresh the energy of weary souls, keeping the aura clear and protected. Together, this energy and beauty results in a wonderful crystal plaque and a beautiful gift.

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Crystal Pendants 

Crystal healing gemstone pendants. Semi-precious gemstone pendants are often chosen for their healing properties. Our range of gem stone jewellery is very large, please contact us if you are looking for a item that we do not have on the web site.