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"I cannot recommend Keith and KSC Crystals highly enough! He goes to great lengths to source the very best quality crystals which he sells at the very best prices. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and he has an obvious love of the mineral kingdom - this is seen in every aspect of the service which he provides.  Even though I live on the East Coast of the UK and work in Nottingham (which means lots of travel), I still order from Keith in Manchester because of his passion, the quality of his crystals and the level of service that he provides. You can rely on him to choose crystals for you, so there is no need to visit him if travel is a problem. (even though there is a crystal shop in my town, I still choose to shop at KSC Crystals) Also, not everything that he has in stock is on the website yet, so you can always call him if you are looking for something in particular. What more can I say? If you love crystals, you will love KSC Crystals. 

Jane Rapin


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Don’t worry we might have the healing crystals for you, as all our products are not listed on the website. Please call or email your enquiry.

We are always happy to look for unusual types of crystals and quartz for the Crystal healer or Reiki healing therapist.

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Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls | Quartz Skull | Skull Statue – Crystal Skull

Here at we have a wide range of carved crystal skulls on offer in a  variety of stones and crystals.

Native legends speak of crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times.  Said to “talk and sing” they are believed to carry messages for all mankind, including what may be discovered when we overcome our fear of death.

Follow the link to find out more information about crystal skulls

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Angelite Skulls
Angelite protects from negativity, strengthens degenerate organs, excellent for creative people
Arfvedsonite Skulls
Arfvedsonite helps you to see things from both sides and to reconcile difficulties. Opening the crown chakra it stimulates journeying and assists energetic downloads.
Birds Eye Jasper Skulls
Birds Eye Jasper also helps you to develop your astral travelling and shamanic journeying capabilities.
Black Obsidian Skulls
Black Obsidian is a very powerful and fast acting crystal, and should be used with caution for Crystal Healing
Black Tourmaline Skulls
Black Tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity.
Blue Apatite Skulls
Apatite helps creativity, ease apathy, sorrow, and anger, allowing us to focus on more joyful times.
Blue Aragonite Skulls
Blue Aragonite also encourages one to speak true words, speak with peace and with harmony.
Blue Goldstone Skulls
Goldstone is a man-made stone, it is a type of glass with glittery metallic material in it.
Blue Obsidian Skulls
Blue Obsidian aids divination, psychometric and psychic development pursuits.
Chevron Amethyst Skulls
Chevron Amethyst assists with inner self-evaluation and evolution.
Chrysoprase Skulls
Chrysoprase is used to accelerate the healing of any injury.
Chrysotile in Serpentine Skulls
Chrysotile in Serpentine Skulls The 'Stone of Life', holds energies to help the being to connect with past lives
Clear Quartz Skulls
Clear Quartz is one of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify healing energy.
Dogtooth Amethyst Skulls
Dogtooth Amethyst Skulls Amethyst helps you to "let go & trust", one of the best stones for meditation
Jet Skulls
These Skulls have been carved from Chinese Jet in Fushun, a city in northeast China's Liaoning Province.
Kimberlite Skulls
Kimberlite This crystal includes Olivine, llmenite, Phlogopite and Enstatite. It comes from the Kimberley Mine in South Africa
Lepidolite Skulls
Lepidolite has Spiritual transcendence and promotes a cosmic awareness.
Moss Agate Skulls
Moss Agate connects one to Nature. Translucent, transparent agate containing inclusions of minerals that look like moss or foliage.
Nuummite Skulls
Nuummite The 'Stone of Meditation', a perfectly matched stone to be used in meditation and deep relaxation practices.
Opalite Skulls
The ‘Stone of Eternity’ brings forth the understanding of the true-self, the true spirit, to free the spirit. The knowing that one can soar higher than expected, can reach unimaginable goals and join as one with the ultimate all, the whole of who we are and why we are.
Porphyrite Skulls
Porphyrite (Chinese letter stone) The ‘Stone of Soul Trust’, holding deep set energies that help the being to be trusting of others, as well as helping the being to be trustworthy themselves, encouraging intuition and trust to come from within the soul.
Preseli Bluestone Skulls
Preseli Bluestone has a universal voice, it is a stone that speaks out to the inner being.
Rhyolite Skulls
Rhyolite Skulls
Sunstone Skulls
Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune.
Wire Wrapped Skulls
A collection of small Howlite skulls that have been dyed in rainbow colours
Zebra Jasper Skulls
Zebra Jasper Zebra Jasper is a form of Jasper with dark and white stripes.

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