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Grossular Garnet 1

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Grossular Garnet 

Weighs 37.8 grams
Measures 35mm x 30mm x 15mm 

The ‘Stone of Surrounding Tranquillity’, helps the being to find tranquillity and peace not just within, but from surroundings, from that which is all around.
Garnet overall is a grounded stone. It knows its journey well and helps its keeper deeply. A stone that continually moves forwards, adjusting and shifting its energy accordingly with Mother Earth. With an eternally positive output and a destination of light, Garnet is a medicine box, a book of teaching, a hand of hope. In its numerous forms its offerings do often differ, yet follow the same undertones.
Grossular Garnet brings peace and soothing to all who comes within its energy centre. It is a very good stone to calm emotional pain, especially where it has come around from sudden emotional changes.
Where there are tensions in relationships of the heart, Grossular Garnet can bring forth an air of peace so that a better flow of communication can have a chance to take place, while any tension or anger within can start to fade.
This is a stone that can help to settle anxiety and nerves. Grossular Garnet encourages one to breath, calm and then find that which brings peace and comfort from all around oneself. This allows tranquillity at any time, in any place by being focused on and then instilled within.
Grossular garnet can be used to ease sleep disorders such as Insomnia, as well as helping to open the being up to peaceful sleep alone and tranquil dream states.
A stone that awakens the sparkle of wisdom. Once the being has found a place of tranquillity in all, it brings opportunity from the calming of the mind by bringing clear space for knowledge to enter freely, and for absolute shining wisdom to show itself.
Grossular Garnet helps the being to connect with the essence of Mother Earth. It brings forth an awareness of how much peace, love, beauty and wisdom is given from her in so many different ways. This gives chance for the finding of surrounding tranquillity on an ever deepening level.
“Find tranquillity in a gentle breeze, find tranquillity in a single breath. Know peace all around, know peace within”
This stone resonates both with the Root Energy centre, and with the Hearts Energy centre. It helps to bring connectedness within the two, allowing for a more balanced output into life, especially in matters of the heart and at times where their are changes and decisions to be made that can have long term effects.
Grossular Garnet encourages the being to use wisdom or begin the creation of wisdom before life changing decisions are to be made. It brings support on such journeys, giving guidance and taking away feelings of being alone at such times.
This is a stone to use in helping to ease tension headaches and to ease muscle tension. Also a stone to be placed in areas that are often tense, claustrophobic, shut off from nature or are cluttered with technology.
“Bring Mother Earths Essence to All”
Katie Jacqueline - May 2010


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