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I have placed several orders with KSC Crystals and  I’m very pleased with the overall assistance being given as well as the standard of the crystals and the delivery arrangements. I am pleased to be a KSC customer.

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Mystic Topaz Pendant 15

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Product Description

Mystic Topaz Pendant

9.25 Silver
Weighs 7 grams
Measures 31mm long including the bail
Mystic topaz jewellery has become increasingly popular. This gem is also known as mystic fire topaz, rainbow topaz and fire topaz. The genuine gemstone is both striking and lively looking which has been enhanced by different colours. Transparent and white colours are the most common forms which are mined from the grounds. However, many prefer the coloured form in their jewellery. This is the reason why the transparent or clear colour is transformed with the help of modern technology and the gemstone takes on various colours.
The process involves the coating of the side of a gem with a very thin titanium oxide film and then place this on a vacuum. This procedure helps create topaz in various colours. As light waves pass through the stone and layer of titanium it alters the colours produced by the refraction of this light.
You will discover many new colours when the light falls on the gem. It is not created in the lab and is very authentic.

The titanium is just an enhancement and does not change the physical properties of the natural stone. Like the heating and irradiation process of clear topaz to produce blue or yellow topaz to produce pink, it is an approved method to enhance the colours of the gemstones.

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