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Rare & High Vibration Crystals

High Vibration Crystals 

Rare & High Vibration Crystals

For crystal collectors and therapists seeking the highest vibration stones for deep meditation and healing work - this is the place to start your research.  We carry a wide selection of Moldavite, Azeztulite, Brookite, Ajoite as well as many other highly sought after crystals.  Please contact us for details if what you are looking for is not yet on the website as we have a such a huge range that we are unable to list them all in such a short space of time.

Rare Crystals

Afghanite is a high vibration stone that enhances multi dimensional journeying.
Agnitite is the name for a variety of Quartz from an island off the coast of Africa. Its named is derived from the Sanscrit word agni, meaning fire. AKA fire quartz.
Ajoite This rare stone is mainly in the form of phantoms within crystals. It is a very powerful tool, it is suggested that it produces a melding between heart & throat chakras and allows speaking that of one's heart.
Alexandrite is useful for one’s emotional well being, as well as promoting self-esteem and the ability to be appreciative of the world around us.
Amethyst Flower Stalactite Slices
Stalactites are produced on the roof of a caves and originate with one droplet of mineral-rich water.
Anatase The ‘Stone of Sociality’, brings forth stability and settlement within, encouraging one to be approachable by others, as well as sociably confident. Anatase helps stop gloating, greed for attention, and thirst for power.
Aqua Lemuria
Aqua Lemuria is made from the volcanic ash taken from the region of Sumatra, an Indonesian Island.
Arkansas Quartz clusters
Arkansas Quartz is known for its high, clear, vibrant and effervescent energies. It is one of most programmable Quartz and can become a very effective healing crystal.
Ascension Stones
Ascension Stones stimulate and connect with the Inner Ray of light in all beings. It determines and joins with the needed Ray at the needed time, bringing forth an outlook of harmony and peace.
Astaraline is a combination of Muscovite, Quartz and Cronstedtite.
Augite can help you to enhance the understanding and transformation in one's life.
Aura Quartz
Aqua Aura, Opal Aura, Titanium Flame Aura, Topaz Aura, Tanzine Aura.
Auralite 23 (AKA Kindred Spirit Stone)
It is suggested that Auralite 23 is one the oldest crystals which developed more than 1.5 billion years ago and contains 23 earth elements and minerals hench the name Auralite 23.
Aurichalcite Aurichalcite,This mineral is rare even when it is not as 'hairy' and fibrous as this piece - which has amazing radial sprays of long turquoise rare needles. Extremely light-reflective and sparkly, and it's bedrock is also very sparkly, and fragile.
Azeztulite's Various
Azeztulite is a stone that will not cease to bring forth the highest and purest of healing energies. This stone can be called upon at times when it said a healing miracle is needed. Azeztulite always work’s at its best and brings forth Angel’s at its side’s.
Azumar is a powerful stone in the realm of feeling. Its currents wash through the Liquid Crystal Body Matri
Azurite in Granite  Also know as K2
The K2 stone is found in the foothills of the worlds second highest mountain, Mount K2 in Pakistan.
Bastnaesite is a wonderful crystal for all of those who need grounding, especially thinkers, dreamers and planners, it also helps these people to see their plans and dreams come to fruition. It helps to manifest dreams and desires.
Blue Amber
It is suggested that Blue Amber is the most powerful of all the ambers, this is because of its color range; it works with the all of the energetic bodies.
Blue Halite
Opens a frequency of communication with spirit guides and improves psychic insights. Excellent for use in meditation, use this crystal to quickly clear the mind of humdrum uncertainties.
Brookite The ‘Stone of the Ancient Planets’, a very in-depth and intriguing energy that brings the being closer to the knowledge and wisdom that is contained within many planets, as well as the knowledge and wisdom that has been created by lost, forgotten and ancient civilisations.
Brookite and Rutile in Quartz
Brookite and Rutile in Quartz, this is a crystal has tiny, "angel-hair" strands of Rutile that produces an ethereal web of subtle threads within the crystal.
Bumble Bee Jasper
This amazing Jasper is an excellent healer for sacral chakra.
Bustamite with Sugilite
Bustamite with Sugilite Best known for its energetic ability to remove and clear energy blockages. It is a very powerful stone for all types of energy work because of this. It can remove an energy block from a person, a particular chakra, an environment, or a situation.
Bytownite The ‘Lunar Stone’, brings an understanding of life and its cycles, its continuous stories of existence and happenings. Bytownite opens the mind to the understanding and accepting of the past, present and future.
Cacoxenite forms inside clear Quartz crystal or amethyst as an inclusion. It is a somewhat rare occurrence, and can create a visually impressive crystal.
Campo Del Cielo  Meteorite
These meteorites are from Argentina, South America. Campo Del Cielo means Valley of the Sky. Campo is classified as a Coarse octahedrite nickel-iron meteorite.
Cerussite is an excellent healing crystal for grounding and assisting in feeling comfortable in the environment. It is helpful for people who feel that the earth is not their natural home by making the soul feel at home wherever it finds itself
Ceylon Sapphires
Sapphires are found in many places around the world. The most respected sapphires in the world come from Sri Lanka (AKA Ceylon).
Charoite The 'Stone of the Dragon', this one is very special, putting truth to time travel. Past and future.. opening inner senses to their highest potential.
Chrysoberyl The ‘Stone of Soul Serenity’ bringing soothing to the soul and calming to the mind, and ease to the body, this is a stone that takes one on a journey allowing the physical barriers to be opened and a lighter self to be revealed.
Cinnazez™ is a gemstone blend of Azeztulite Quartz and silicated Cinnabar. It is found on the South Island of New Zealand.
Coromandel Stonewood™
Coromandel Stonewood™ is rich brown Petrified Wood from New Zealand.
Creedite is a high vibration crystal that brings through a dominant character that causes an development within your higher chakras, and lifts your overall vibration.
Crop Circle Stones
Crop Circle Stones are natural flint found inside Crop Circles in England.
Cryolite is a highly spiritual crystal with a high vibration that has a powerful effect on the brain.
Demantoid Garnets
Demantoid is the name given to the lush green variety of Andradite garnet. The Crystal was first discovered in Russia and the name is comes from its diamond like sheen.
Dragons Blood
Cinnabar The ‘Blood Stone’, helps to keep the red blood cell count healthy, as well as helping to reduce the chance of blood related dis-ease and disorder.
Robert Simmons writes: “Empowerite was named for the way it makes one feel--full of confidence, strength and personal power. It is a tremendously potent stone for grounding one’s energies in the Earth, and for receiving and storing the Earth’s Life Force currents or chi.
Enstatite The ' Stone of the Templar's ' hold's a deep spiritual energy with offering's of courage, loyalty, commitment and respect.
Fire and Ice rainbow quartz
Fire and Ice quartz contains inner figures that draw on shamanic medicine, and its symbols can be intuitively read for advice regarding soul transformation.
Fluorapatite is primarily used as a talisman to keep a person in harmony and centered by buffering the demands of the external world.
Gaia Stone
Gaia Stone is the name given to a glassy material derived from the ash of the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption of 1980.
Gaspeite is a stone of new beginnings and good luck and is said to help attract friends and success. It is a strong protecting stone, which helps to reduce stress and strengthen reassurance.
Gem Silica
Gem Silica It is suggested that Gem Silica can promote tranquillity, and promote a calm and emotional balance.
Gilialte is also known as Medusa quartz and Pariba, it is an exceptionally rare copper silicate hydrate mineral.
Glendonite is a perfect crystal to work with if you are learning a new skill. It supports the learning development by processing the knowledge and thoughts in easy to comprehend terms. Because of this, it may help discover one's life purposefulness.
Gold and Silver Healers
Gold and Silver Healers The same mine that produces Rainbow Mayanite also produces soothing Gold and Silver Healers that do an excellent deep repair work on the light body.
Golden Coracalcite
Robert Simmons writes: Golden Coracalcites are of great assistance in enhancing the level of vibration and harmony of the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matri.
Golden Healer Lemurian Quartz
The colour is a rich gold, within these charmed crystals and is not a covering, the energy is emitting from the heart of the crystal.
Goshenite The ‘Stone of Flourishing’, help’s one to grow and flourish in all that is positive within oneself. To gain a zest for healthy life challenges, giving the chance to stand out of the crowd and shine with deep courage and with true commitment to all that one chooses to take on.
Green Taralite
Green Taralite is a stone of well being, happiness and spiritual light.
Green Tremolite
Green Tremolite is one of the high vibration crystals, and vibrates with a dominant energy. Its energy is felt within the uppermost chakras and is predominantly evident at both the third eye and crown chakra.
Guardianite is a complex material, composed of the minerals aegirine, feldspar, nepheline, analcime, riebeckite-arfvedsonite, biotite, olivine and apatite. It is found in Oregon, USA.
Hambergite can be used as a “pick me up” , and in the states of trance, provides for a feeling of euphoria, the euphoria stemming from the nearness of outer bodies.
Hauyne is one of the most sought after gems because of its rarity and incredible colour.
Healerite Robert Simmons writes: This is a stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels.
Healers Gold
Healers Gold is a combination of Pyrite and Magnetite which can be highly efficient at beating that drained feeling one gets often after doing a healing. Healers Gold actually boosts both the healer and receiver’s energy levels making it a wonderful ally for healers hence its title.
Herderite The “Stone of the Saint”, holding deep set and finally tuned energies, that help to connect the physical being with the true inner being. Merging the heart, the soul and the mind, to conjoin each to be as One with the all, to be whole.
Herkimer Diamonds
Herkimer’s are ideal for body layouts, dream work, meditation and energy tools. They have the ability of magnifying the frequency of other stones. This can be of great use when you only have small specimens of the stones that you are using on clients or the stone has a “soft energy” such as Morganite. They have the ability of making the stone feel as strong as a large one.
Hilutite one of the rarest tumblestones on Earth - Hilutite was first showcased to the world in April 2009. It is an amazing combination of the minerals Garnet, Zircon, Goethite and Quartz. From Sri Lanka a new star is born, it is said that Hilutite has the most incredible positive energy.
Himalayan Amethyst
This crystal has the same undertones and energy as other amethysts with the addition of a very pure and extra high vibration of the mountains.
Jeremejevite is the 10th rarest minerals on the planet.
Kakortokite is a high-energy stone imbued with life force and vitality.'
Kammererite can be used for the development of the third eye and for the stimulation of the crown chakra toward spirituality.
Kaurilite ROBERT SIMMONS WRITES ~ Kaurilite is often quite beautiful as well, exhibiting translucent tones of gold and brown (ranging from the color of lager beer to old whiskey), and appearing in a myriad of phantasmal shapes.
This crystal is in its natural form and includes Olivine, llmenite, Phlogopite and Enstatite. It comes from the Kimberley Mine in South Africa.
Kimberlite with Diamond
This crystal is in its natural form and includes Olivine, llmenite, Phlogopite and Enstatite. It comes from the Kimberley Mine in South Africa.
Klinoptilolith assists the digestive system to rid itself of toxins and regenerates the lining.
Lazulite is a brilliant crystal for the budding psychic as it stimulates the third eye and assists with your intuitive capabilities.
Libyan Gold Tektite
Libyan Gold Tektite The ‘Stone of the Truthful Soul’, holding mesmerizing and heart felt energies that take it’s keeper on a journey of truth, unveiling all of truths worth’s and finding the true soul.
Linarite The ‘Stone of Ability’, opens the being up to the wonders and wisdom of self recognition and self ability.
Lithium Light
Lithium light is the name given to a sparkly high vibration stone form the western Rocky Mountains.
Mani Stone
Mani Stone encourage forgiveness, inclusion and the regeneration of hope.
Marialite is a rare silicate mineral. From Badakshan, Afghanistan.Marialite fluoresces under both long and short wave ultra-violet light with an orange, red or yellow colour.
Master Shamanite
Master Shamanite is the name given to a luminous black gemstone found in the Rocky Mountains of the USA. It is an unusual blend of carbon, calcite and a medley of trace minerals and tiny fossils.
Melikaria The ‘Stone of True Calling’, removes the Earthly placed shroud to bring forth inner visions of ones true calling in the journey of the life.
Moldau Quartz
Moldau Quartz Supports the development of wholeness within the self, strengthening the inner witness and bringing spiritual insights from the heart.
Moldavite is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago. It fell over what is now called the Moldau River valley in Czech Republic.
The ‘Stone of Hidden Cause’ helps one to find and see the cause and under current in life's happenings and life’s cycles, as well as within oneself.
Montebrasite assists you to maintain a sunny out look on life, encourages you to remain centered when life becomes difficult.
Mystic Merlinite
Mystic Merlinite is the name given to a magical and powerful gemstone from a remote island in the Indian Ocean. It is composed of a unique blend of feldspar, quartz and other trace minerals, in swirling shades of black and white.
Natrolite The 'Stone of Angelic Realms', a very beautiful stone, Natrolite help's open and clear the Crown Chakra, leading onto Angelic Communication.
Owyhee Blue Opal
Owyhee Blue Opal Is a newly discovered Opal variety from Oregon. Owyhee Blue Opal can wed powers of perception, expression and will, enabling you to act with clarity, authority and confidence.
Padparadscha Sapphire
Padparadscha Sapphire is a salmon-pink variety of Corundum. The name originated from the Sanskrit "Padma Raga", the name for the colour of local lotus flower.
Painite is a very rare stone, and up until 2004, there were only 2 cut loose gemstones in the world, but there has now been a new find in Burma.
Pakulite stimulates all three of the lower chakras
Papagoite provides for an optimistic and broad minded outlook. Papagoite can be used to release carefully restrained inhibitions, transforming those limitations to expressions of pleasure.
Pentagonite works on the finer bodies at a higher level
Phenacite From Love Is In The Earth by Melody The stone Phenacite, while quite expensive is quite expansive.
Purple Angeline
Purple Angeline can be used to clear patterns of dysfunction rooted in childhood or past lives.
Pyrite with Triplite
This rare tumble stone is a mixture of Pyrite & Triplite. The mineral Pyrite, or Iron Pyrite, which is an iron sulfide know to many as fools gold.
Quartz and Ankerite
Quartz and Ankerite These specimens were dug in 1992 from a pocket up at the Spruce Quartz mine in Washington State USA.
Rainbow Mayanite
A new variety of Quartz discovered in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington. Rainbow Chakra Quartz aka Rainbow Mayanite occurs in the formation of sheet quartz which occurs in flat and relatively clear layers of Quartz and of course crystalline quartz
Realgar & Orpiment
Realgar is a very distinctive and rare gemstone that can be used to bring energy into the body.
Red Phantom Crystals
Red Phantom Crystals are Quartz that contains Iron Oxides, such as Hematite. Hematite is a very common crystal however when Hematite is found within quartz and it forms red phantom layers and this is quite rare.
Renierite is believed to contain Germanium, an oxygen catalyst that raises oxygen levels in cells, improving cellular metabolism and homeostasis.
Revelation Stone
Revelation Stone is a Jasper found in mountain, alluvial and marine areas of New Zealand.
Rhodizite is called a "Master Stone" it is said to greatly amplify the energies of other crystals and stones!
Richterite blue with Sugalite
Richterite blue with Sugalite Richterite is a stone of calmness, relaxation and strength
Rosophia The ‘Root Stone’, brings settlement, grounding and rooting to those who feel lost, who have stepped out of the comfort zone, or simply to the worldly traveler
Ruby with Serpentine & Graphite
Ruby with Serpentine & Graphite As in life’s and Mother Earth’s ever changing stages, these same change’s take place within the Crystal & Mineral Kingdom. Although many stone’s that are conjoined as one still have the same offering’s as when they are not conjoined, there are those that actually change. Seeing it like wavelength’s of sound that sometime’s resonate yet sometime’s clash, this also describes how sometime’s the energy of conjoined stone’s must change in order to resonate.
Sagenite AKA Purple Plume Agate or Rutilated Agate
Satya Mani Quartz
Satya Mani Quartz is natural Quartz found in South India. The name means 'gem of Truth' and these stones can bring one into conscious resonance with the truth of the heart.
Satyaloka Quartz
Satyaloka Quartz is the name given to various Quartz stones gathered around the Satyaloka monastery in southern India. Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say Satyaloka Quartz carries the vibration of spiritual enlightenment & is a tool for spreading enlightenment throughout the world
Seriphos Green Quartz
Seriphos Green Quartz is a wonderful, love filled and abundant energy that instils us with the awareness of Heaven present, right here and right now, surrounding us... that we only have to be present to see it... it is not an afterlife promise, but a gift here and now.
Shantilite TM
Shantilite TM Shantilite is the name of a gray Agate from Madagascar.
Siberian Gold Quartz
Siberian Gold is a lab grown Quartz from Russia with a rich, gold infusion. It carries the intrinsic properties of Clear Quartz, paired with the rich gold colour. The colour gold helps to enhance our creative side, and brings a higher frequency to our endeavors.
Sikhote Alin Iron Nickel Meteorite Russia
Iron nickel meteorite from the 1947 Russian Sikhote-Alin strike. On February 12, 1947, one of the largest meteor showers in recent history occurred in the Sikhote-Alin mountains of Russia.
Star of David Spinel
Spinels are usually found as single unique octahedral crystals, but they also have a twinning habit named after them, Star of David Spinel
Star Ruby Sticks
Star Ruby shows asterism, a six-rayed star that shimmers over the surface of the stone when it is moved.
It allows for “pondering” via intuition. It also promotes protection of oneself from emotional situations which could bring both disharmony and rejection.
Stone of Solidarity
Stone of Solidarity helps to bring beings together that have a likeness to one another, also helping to build bridges between one and another, while reminding of patience and empathy.
Super Six
The Super six crystal is a combination of six minerals: Amethyst, Coacoxenite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Rutile and Smoky Quartz. Each of these six crystals, carry the energy of the others
Tektites are a form of glass similar to Moldavite that was formed when a large meteor struck the Earth centuries ago.
Terraluminite fills the third eye and crown chakras with deep pulsations that are pleasurable as well as opening.
The Stone of Sanctuary
The 'Stone of Sanctuary', brings forth tranquillity and stillness, sooths away stress and discomfort, while working to fill life with Divine love and light.
The Stone of Surfacing
The ‘Stone of Surfacing’ gives the being a gentle stir, helping to bring that which needs recognition, to the surface.
Triplite is a rare fluoro-hydroxide phosphate mineral that forms in phosphate rich granite pegmatite’s and high temperature hydrothermal veins.
These stones are of cosmic energy, excellent for those feeling the need to expand.
Tsarvorite (Garnet)
Tsarvorite (Garnet) The ‘Infinite Earth', brings forth connection to Mother Earth.
Tschermigite The 'Stone of the Spirits', high vibrational and high frequency this is not a stone for the faint hearted, Tschermigite holds a deep spiritual power.
Tugtupite was first discovered in 1960 in Greenland. It's found as massive opaque material in pegmatite veins.
Vessuvuanite Idocrase
Vessuvuanite brings into line the will of the mind with the heart, bringing an completeness. It helps you find courage to change and discover your true path while releasing hidden fears and phobias. Vesuviante will assist you in finding your enthusiasm for happiness and growth.
The ‘Stone of Thought’, helps to open the mind, improves clarity of thought and supports healthy brain function.
This crystal is a combination of Spherulitic Rhyolite and Deep Red Quartz, discovered in New Zealand in 2014.
Wind Fossil Agate
Wind Fossil Agate is said to teach that you are an eternal incarnated soul who just happens to be on a human journey this time.
Wulfenite Invigorates and harmonizes emotions, passion and appetite. Warms and grounds us helps you get in touch with feelings.
Xenotime The ‘Stone of Happening’, offers assistance and support during life’s happenings, helping to edge forward the positive and ease off the negative.
Z  Stone
For those who wish to travel inter dimensionally and explore the subtle realms of consciousness, Z Stones could provide an interesting ticket.