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"I cannot recommend Keith and KSC Crystals highly enough! He goes to great lengths to source the very best quality crystals which he sells at the very best prices. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and he has an obvious love of the mineral kingdom - this is seen in every aspect of the service which he provides.  Even though I live on the East Coast of the UK and work in Nottingham (which means lots of travel), I still order from Keith in Manchester because of his passion, the quality of his crystals and the level of service that he provides. You can rely on him to choose crystals for you, so there is no need to visit him if travel is a problem. (even though there is a crystal shop in my town, I still choose to shop at KSC Crystals) Also, not everything that he has in stock is on the website yet, so you can always call him if you are looking for something in particular. What more can I say? If you love crystals, you will love KSC Crystals. 

Jane Rapin


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Don’t worry we might have the healing crystals for you, as all our products are not listed on the website. Please call or email your enquiry.

We are always happy to look for unusual types of crystals and quartz for the Crystal healer or Reiki healing therapist.

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Rose Opal 15
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Shungite 6

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Product Description


Weighs 7.2 Grams

Measures 30mm x 20mm x 5mm  

The 'Stone of Fruition', brings forth positive blessings and positive result from the "sowing of seeds" in search of a better future for oneself and all.  

Shungite help's one to know what is beneficial for a better and healthy future, and encourages one to further this search and gain the seeds to sow such creation. 

A stone that attracts that of positive nature, that brings forth positive blessing where and when it is due, this may be in many different ways and one may not see this happening at the time, but a promise is attached that this will come about. 

Shungite clears out the old ready for the new, but only that which is not beneficial to oneself. This stone encourages one to look into the past through generations, through many teaching's, to find idea and wisdom to use towards the better future in creation. 

Also, Shungite is a stone to help one find peace in surroundings as well as within. To find the good in all and to see benefit and beauty in the smallest of thing's that the being so often misses within a single blink of the eye.

This stone brings a sense of understanding as to how one became oneself, how one gained and how one learnt to live life through coming to know that of positive nature, but also to have come to know that of negative nature. A stone that teaches one to see there is always a force behind everything, every happening and every being. 

Shungite benefits decision making, bringing task-full ways, loyalty, commitment and fairness. It can support the smallest to the biggest decisions, bringing guidance, sense of peace, stillness and gentle encouragement towards that of most benefit. 

"It may seem there is a difference between a small and a big decision, yet they in fact are the same, for all decision has an affect which continues to grow and flow outwards like a single raindrop landing on still waiting waters" 

Shungite can help one to not let the positive blessing of Fruition "go to one’s head", this stone help's to keep the feet firmly on the ground, encourages gratefulness and reminds us where and how creation originally started. 

These Shungite are from a natural piece, and of extremely high quality, they have been tumble polished. It is a noncrystalline carbon with a metastable structure, incapable of graphitization. It is from the Shun'ga Area of Kapelia Region, Northern Russia. This amazing mineral has been described as a miracle, as it contains fullerenes ( C60, C70 ), which gives it the unique ability to shield from harmful electromagnetic radiations of any origin, such as computers, microwaves, TV and mobile phones.

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