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Stellar Beam Calcite on Fluorite

Price: £45.00
Sorry, this item is currently out of stock
Stellar Beam Calcite
Stellar Beam Calcite Stellar Beam Calcite Stellar Beam Calcite
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Product Description

Stellar Beam Calcite on Fluorite

Weighs 81.3 grams

Measures 60mm x 40mm 

These wonderful crystals not only resemble advanced rocket ships, but just like these spacecrafts can move faster than the speed of light. Some are yellowish and contain Citrine; others have the colour of red in them, which has been manifested through red hematite.

Stellar Beams are very different to the rhomboid shaped calcite. You may like to read the crystalline transmission by Katrina Raphaell to inform yourself more about these wonderful crystals. Stallar Beams challenge our minds to conceive the possibilities that are outside our limited awareness and are a powerful ally in our future potential and possibilities.

Used in meditation, they will help you to receive the vision of your new path Citrine Stellar Beams will bring you courage to make the necessary shifts in consciousness to take the giant evolutionary step available to you now.
Carry Stellar Beams when you are in the midst of change and of letting go of the false security of old programming.

Place on third eye to see the hope of the future, when peace prevails, balance is restored.
Use Citrine Stellar Beams on naval when truly ready to make the conscious shift into living to your full potential as a human being.

Keep them around your environment so that their essence and energy can be assimilated by your being.
Stellar Beam or Dog Tooth Calcite
This crystal will amplify the user’s energy field when used in meditation practice.  Its energy is particularly suited for use in the solar plexus area and crown chakras.  Many people who have used it have found that it links parallel realities and universes.  The energy of the stone is such that it adjusts the user’s energy field during meditation, connecting matter to spirit.  It will help you to have the courage to hold on to your dreams.
 With right use of will, this stone will bring about a sudden and dramatic change in the user’s life, catalytic and always for the better.  It can be used to realign the earth energies, after they have been damaged by human negativity.  It has the potential to clear, activate and align all of the chakras along the spinal column. 
Affirmation:  I am cleansed of all negative thought patterns; I now allow myself to learn through joy, happiness and success.

It is suggested that  Fluorite is one of Nature’s most powerful mental healers. Many  who have experienced the power of Fluorite have labelled it the Genius Stone. It is a superb stone to have with you when studying as it focuses the mind a dispels mind chatter it has the ability to influence the activities that occur on the mental plane of consciousness and amplifies, focuses, expands and creates new pathways for the mind.


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