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Trigonic Crystal 6

Price: £48.70
Sorry, this item is currently out of stock
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Product Description

Trigonic Crystal 

Amethyst Trigonic Crystal

Weighs 106.1 grams
Measures 80mm x 40mm 
This example is also a twin crystal.

Trigonic is a term coined by Robert Simmons to refer to crystals that have markings or indentations on their sides or faces that resemble Upside down triangles / record-keeper markings. He says that these are stones of transition and for those who wish to / are able to travel into the realms that exists between worlds and Dimensions. This might included soul retrieval work or past-life healing, and can even included visioning and travel into the future. An ideal crystal for the shamanic practitioner, but care is required when working with them to have moved from the "ego"self to the planes of Unity consciousness.

The Trigonic is undoubtedly the crystal of soul level realisation, not only of soul level healing. It takes you on a excursion to your super conscious self, the place of true impartiality where there is no judgment, only the wisdom encoded into the triangles which has been accumulated by your physical experience. These triangles in the outer light body flow in both directions and are filled with light and information.
Those traveling outward take the physical experience to the Over soul, those coming in bring us the light and wisdom of the universe, to feed our minds and sustain our souls. This is the key to the Trigonic crystal, putting us in contact with our own coding and opening the doorway to our super conscious self. All of this occurs only when we are prepared to take in the high vibrational energy and information required to take us to the next step of our enlightenment.

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