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I have been a customer of KSC Crystals on and off for several years and I have always found Keith to be very, very helpful. This purchase was no exception. I'm so fascinated by crsytals and their healing properties and wanted to create a grid for a specific reason. Keith rang me to discuss my needs before choosing some wonderful crystals on my behalf. His customer service is second to none.

I was nervous because I'd never ordered from this company before. My concerns were totally unfounded. My purchase arrived in a very timely manner & was exactly the same piece I looked at. I could not possibly have asked for better. Thank you very much. I look forward to ordering from you again.

As always, the crystals received were stunning I LOVE Dragon's Blood and highly recommend it. KSC is also GREAT at sending some as a gift Who wouldn't love receiving crystals in the mail And again, as always....a lovey crystal as a gift Thank you KSC....I recommend you often to friends and clients

Can’t find the healing crystal your looking for? Don’t worry we might have the healing crystals for you, as all our products are not listed on the website. Please call or email your enquiry. We are always happy to look for unusual types of crystals and quartz for the Crystal healer or Reiki healing therapist.
Tumble stones Beginning with: S
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Schalenblende is a mixture of Sphalerite and Wurtzite and Galena (a lead bearing ore). The name comes from the German meaning, 'shell ore'. The beautiful banding shows an assortment of colours which range from creams, browns and silver.
Scolecite This stone is reported to enhance the heart chakra energies, opening the door to more spontaneous expressions of love. Exchanged between lovers, scolecite creates a heart-to-heart connection.
Seftonite (Bloodstone)
Seftonite (Bloodstone)This stone represents both courage and strength and is used for achieving these attributes
Septarian Nodule
Septarians are commonly composed of a carbonate mineral such as Calcite, a microcrystalline form of Silica as in Flint or Jasper, or an Iron Oxide such as Hematite. These specimens are also known as a concretion which is a type of sedimentary rock.
The ‘Stone of Consciousness’, take’s the being on a journey into the many states of consciousness, allowing an understanding of how deep this actually goes, how much more wisdom there is to gain access too. “There is much more than what the eye’s can see, what the hand’s can touch, there is more than physical reality”
Serpentine Palmstones
The ‘Stone of Reflection’, holding energies that gently reminds its keeper to take times of reflection in everyday life.
Shungite help's one to know what is beneficial for a better and healthy future, and encourages one to further this search and gain the seeds to sow such creation.
Smaragd in Quartz
Smaragd The name Smaragd is another name for "Emerald" (Émeraude French, Smaragd German, Esmeralda Spanish) comes from the Greek word smaragdos.
The 'Stone of inner Healing', this stone will help in the repair and renewal of the bodies inner tissues, and helps to lower the risk of any further problems such as infection.
Sonora Sunrise
Sonora Sunrise is the new find from Mexico that was the hot new rock at the Tucson Rock & Gem show.
Spectrolite The ‘Stone of Fulfilment’, brings forth encouragement for one to fulfil the highest of hopes to the dearest of dreams.
Spessartine Garnet
Spessartine Garnet is an excellent stone to stimulate the bodies natural antibiotic as well as being an antibiotic itself, and can be used to fight all bacterial infections of the body. Especially good in fighting such infections within the throat area, as well as speeding up the recovery process.
Stilbite (Peachy/Pink) The ‘Stone of Physical Strength’, helps in the strengthening of major muscle organs such as the heart, as well as giving strength and stamina when it is needed most.
Stromatolite is a preserved structure in sedimentary rock that is a series of thin layers of sediment. These layers formed when a colony of algae trapped loose sediment particles.
Sugilite The ‘Stone of Guidance’, hold’s a safe and balancing energy that is beneficial in the treatment of shock and also in helping to find a balance when sudden changes have taken place in life.
Sunset Sodalite
Sunset Sodalite is a combination of Sodalite and Feldspar. This creates an energy that stimulates our mind.
Sunstone instills good nature, heightens intuition
Sunstone & Iolite
Sunstone & Iolite The 'Stone of Wander', supports the being if the time has arisen to look within to self in order to let go of hurt and painful memory so that the journey of healing and acceptance can begin.
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Shell Fossil
ABOUT Tumble stones Beginning with: S

Tumble stones & Healing Crystals for Crystal Healing

Tumble Stones Beginning with: S

Tumble stones and healing Crystals from all around the world, excellent for crystal healing and  crystal therapy.

All the crystals and tumbled stones in this section have with one thing in common:  They begin with the letter S.