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7 Chakra Pyramid Stone Set

The pyramids are 25mm x 25mm.

Average weight of each pyramid 11 grams.

Total weight including the box 215 grams.

Chakras are the centres of energy in our body that profoundly effect our well being.

These pyramids would be perfect for a Charkra Balance or Reiki healing session.

The set includes seven pyramids presented in a presentation box.

Crystals used :-
Crown, Clear Quartz. Raises Consciousness.
Third Eye, Amethyst. Opens Intuition.
Throat, Lapis. Heightens Communication.
Heart, Green Aventurine. Creates Love.
Solar Plexus, Golden Quartz. Manifests Abundance.
Sacral, Sunstone. Helps find courage.
Root, Red Jasper.  Grounding & Protection.



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Chakra Pyr Set

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7 Chakra Pyramid Stone Set

Product Code: Chakra Pyr Set