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My name is Keith Birch, I am a crystal healer, teacher and Reiki Master,  I'm passionate about natural crystals and their amazing healing properties.  I have been selling crystals for many years and in the past have run crystal healing workshops.  My strong passion is to bring crystals into peoples  lives so everyone can benefit from their beauty and power.  I take great pride in personally selecting all the beautiful crystals in my collection and helping people find their special crystal via my online shop. Worldwide shipping is available for International customers buying online.

Whether you are an amateur crystal collector, serious crystal hunter, holistic therapist or jewellery shopper, I am sure you will find something special to add to your personal collection. The collection is ever growing, and we always strive to please the customer. 
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On viewing this website please take into account the use of crystals for healing and other forms of energy work should not be used in replacement for the traditional medical treatments that are available to us.
Whether its yourself or somebody that is connected to you that has possibly got an illness - serious or not, consulting a doctor/medical professional is to be first in line.
Using crystals and other forms of energy work for healing, can be used alongside traditional medical treatments.
Along with the information given so far and changes that have taken place on the 26th of May 2008 in UK law, KSC Crystals would like to make it known when we talk about and share information relating to properties of crystals and stones - especially that of healing, we are only doing this for you and your own beliefs by using results from our widening and extensive research.
Different crystals and stones are alleged to have different properties relating to healing, these could be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, but this does not mean that you on a personal level will most definitely benefit from or feel these properties.
Any information that you gain, whether in spoken, written or electronic forms, that relates to crystals and stones purchased from KSC Crystals, should be received with an understanding of all of the above information and guide lines.
On our part - KSC Crystals, we will consider that any purchases you make of crystals, stones, minerals and/or jewellery from us it is done on the basis of your own freedom of choice and decision.

A conversation with Keith Birch, owner of KSC Crystals.
Written by Sarah Hendry, All Matters Crystalline.

The day is calm, with a gentle breeze stirring the awakening summer energies. The enlivening atmosphere prompting the multitude of questions I have for Keith Birch, owner of KSC Crystals.Today we are discussing all matters of crystal healing, presenting the opportunity for insight into the success of a flourishing ethical business and the mind of a fair trader.

It is apparent from a multitude of testimonies and rewarding feedback on the KSC website that a current of kindness runs through the sales of Keith's business. Being in the healing industry must carry an integral sense of responsibility and consideration, I imagine. One that is obviously being held in esteem in this case. 

I mention my observation and Keith tells me the importance of all this feedback. After all, the quality of KSC Crystals resides in positive influence, which affects both the cycle of trade and the crystal healers of the world. In reference to Keith's maintained kind approach, I ask my first question; is this your main ethical consideration in your business? Simply put and sincerely, Keith responds, " to help people" and "bring knowledge to others." Here stated are two instructions for the authentic crystal healing path. Through the desire to help others by providing guidance and assistance we generate energy of kindness and positivity. Secondly, the act of encouraging others to learn the art of self healing, through sharing of knowledge, increases the amount of people who awaken to the amazing healing range of the human body and spirit.

How do you maintain this fair trade stance? I ask. "Coming from the heart everybody gets a fair deal," Keith responds. Adding that "intuition, a sense of discernment and some self-preservation," are essential. Acting from a place of internal assurance creates trust between his stockists and an ability to look after himself and others as a result. Interestingly, Keith's insight sees that each crystal has a unique character of its own. This character presents as a relatable feature to us, with our methods of perception, sensing their individual vibrational pattern. He develops his ability to "listen to the crystal," to guide each one to their appropriate place to heal. 

Having established the importance and authentic healing methods Keith practices, I am interested to know what he believes to be the true value of crystals. Not surprisingly, his answer attends to the higher calling to repair the healing framework in society. The framework particularly in the West which takes the stance to deal with health matters as "a sledgehammer to deal with a walnut", in his opinion. As a reiki and crystal healer, Keith has noted that in times of physical and mental distress there comes "a trigger" which causes people to look to alternative healing methods which allow people to heal themselves. From his own experience and encounters with healing others, Keith advocates crystal use as a "gentle' and "well-being " alternative. In practice, "you realise the more you learn, the more there is to learn," he comments. The energetic signatures of crystals present the means for energy transference and balancing, allowing for chakra alignments to occur. The "voice" of the crystal acting as a personalised "tuning fork" for the needs at hand.  It's time to outgrow the cycle of 'pain and cure' established in the west; leaving room to turn inward to replenish our energetic capacity for healing. Allowing our cells to work with our consciousness and bring recognition to the regenerating radiance of the body.

When I ask Keith if he has any examples of healing to share, he established the personal nature of working on the self in this way. Direct work with crystals "alleviated" many issues, having the effect to "lighten things up", in his experience. In the case of working with malachite, he noted good relief from specific pain. Considering the personal achievements that occur from working with crystals, I begin to wonder about the capacity for wider influence and impact in society. What impact do you estimate crystals have on our world? "Well, I think they are becoming more accepted in the modern day world...The beginning of a new era," Keith replies. 
For those aware of the conscious shifts of humanity, furthering the access to realms of awareness and cosmic understanding, many believe crystal energies have offered an integral planetary role in assisting our movement. In the knowledge that crystals have been around for the duration of our Earth incarnations, we can trace insight to past cultures and illuminate traditions of which are rich in insight and existential understanding. Keith mentions Atlantis; a myth to some and an example to others. An example of demonstrating respect and compassion for the elements in our environment which help us gain knowledge and grow. In present times, with continued integration of crystalline energy in the mainstream of society, we can have faith in more respect for each other, look after each other and alleviate modern day issues, Keith believes. If this positive step continues to occur across the globe, we can expect significant and long term impact When viewed like this, such simplicity as connecting with nature in this potent way, provides much inspiration and beauty to deepen the understanding of our existence.
Our next consideration is about hope. I ask, what Keith hopes to see crystal healing achieve in the world. His reply has a tone of honesty,  filtered with relief at his answers. "Tranquility, acceptance, contentment and well being. Lightworkers coming together..Being. Respect for each other. Expanding human ethos one thousand fold, bringing more appreciation to the world." 
Embracing this, I consider whether certain crystals could be applied to specific world situations. Keith maintains that sufficient positive thoughts from enough people is a good way to help ease global tensions. Creating crystal grids has the power to direct attention to the appropriate area and assist us in our altruism. Keith elaborated on a curious inspiration which he followed through to completion; an idea to construct a powerful energy grid with the intention to bring more light to the world. I was lucky enough to see some of the grids effect from where I sat. As I listened, I saw gradual changes to the light in the air around me, which I can liken to turning up the brightness on a screen. The essence of this light was intangibly different to the sunlight I am used to recognising. It wasn't sun-like beams of light from a source, rather a gentle brightness in the space in front of me.  It was mystifying to see this light manifesting, emitting a quality of exuberance as part of witnessing it. Such ability to direct light is one of the qualities possible with crystal practice and represents some of the talents that must be remembered to heal our world.
Finally, I ask, do you have any affirmations or requests for crystal healing on the world? To my surprise, Keith draws my attention to the present moment and says that he hopes our conversation is a catalyst for future positive changes, intending for a group of people to be reached from the ripple effect of good. In his expression it is apparent that a beacon of compassion has been lit, which I hope to see wave across the world in his continued endeavors and all involved in this process. 

With special thanks to Keith Birch for his words of wisdom and credit to his integrity in true values. With gratefulness to the healers, readers and light-minded beings of the world who continue to brighten our days.