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Acasta Gneiss

Gneiss can demand on anyone working with it, it may be worth considering using a piece of Russet Quartz which perfectly compliments working in unison with this crystal, by dissolving any overload of energy that could cause discomfort to the user.AcastaDue to the extraordinary energy that working with

Customer feedback
I thought I’d give the two crystals a try to see if I got anything, I feel they are yin and yang,.
When I focus on the Acasta Gneiss what happens is I am out in space looking down on a grey planet – “snowball earth” of 650 million years or so ago, I’m assuming, as the grey is ice.
The Acasta feels impatient and wants to be free to “move” / to flow / to be / find its place. Unlike the Russet who is patience, the Acasta learns how to be patient. That in all things there is a time and a reason. A good lesson for this age we are living in.
I’m looking at the pattern on the stone in my hand and feel that there is a deeper pattern / meaning if I can go deeper and find it. Look within the crystal to find the pattern > sacred geometry > inner universe. I’m seeing a star pattern, kind of like how the constellations were drawn ages ago. I feel that this would be an individual experience.
I’m “blown away”.