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Weighs 64.1 Grams

Measures 45mm x 30mm

Agnitite is the name for a variety of Quartz from an island off the coast of Africa. Its named is derived from the Sanscrit word agni, meaning fire. It is characterized by reddish streaks of Hematite that run through some pieces, although most of the stones have large areas which do not display the inclusions. Much of the material is slightly milky and translucent, like Satya Mani Quartz and Metamorphosis Quartz. We were struck by both the interesting appearance and the strong energies of these stones.
Robert Simmons writes: Agnitite was named for Agni, the Vedic deity of fire, which was worshipped in India some 5,000 years ago. Many of the Vedic sacred hymns are invocations to Agni, which the Rishis who worshipped it considered the supreme source of spiritual Light, life force, and even immortality. Agni was fervently invited to enter the bodies of the ancient chanters, to illumine their hearts, tissues and consciousness with the sacred fire carrying the Divine nectar. They believed that the Agni was a spiritual fire that existed in all of matter, in living things, stones, and even water.
In more recent times, Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and her disciple Satprem rediscovered the inner significance of the Vedic tradition, and worked to call the holy fire into their own bodies, their own cells. Their belief was that humanity was meant to evolve into a new species, one in spiritual union with the Divine. Aurobindo saw that the Agni was a very real spiritual current, which he called the Supramental Force, (meaning: above and beyond the mental). In his meditations, and in those taken up later by Satprem and the Mother, this force was called down into the body from above the crown chakra, filling it with spiritual fire and grounding it in the Earth, for the transformation of the planet as well as humanity.


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Product Code RHV 90