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Weighs 4.9 gram
Measures 15mm x 10mm

Please remember that this crystal has been photographed using a Macro lens and is quite small.

Alexandrite a is rare green variety of chrysoberyl showing colour change to red under artificial light.  Alexandrite are usually small masses and rarely grow as crystals.  

Alexandrite is a very rare crystal they are highly collectable and excellent for healing.
There are many ways Alexandrites are said to aid in physical ailments. They are recommended for those recovering from surgery or a prolonged illness.  
 Alexandrite have the ability to aid the system in restoring internal and physical energy. They may also be of value to those who face chronic disorders.
Alexandrite is also useful for one’s emotional well being, as well as promoting self-esteem and the ability to be appreciative of the world around us. The stone assists one in developing “inner energy changes” which correspond with age and maturation. Alexandrite can aid in centering oneself. Alexandrite crystals may be used to help one return to the origin of time and to connect with the beginning of one’s development.
Alexandrite other Healing qualities; emotional and mental balance, past issues, past lives, rebirth, youthfulness, creativity, awareness, self-esteem, good fortune.


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Product Code HT 29