Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene 6

Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene The “stone of commitment” Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene can provide insights and can assist us to achieve your personal goals .
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 Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene
The “stone of commitment”

Weighs 29.7 Grams
Measures 40mm x 30mm 

Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene  can provide insights and can assist us to achieve your personal goals .
Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene develops our levels of consciousness, and enthuses our creativity, to the point where we are able to alter our own lives.

Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene  is great for extracting negative energies from the chakras, and helping to circulate the appropriate amount of positive energy to each part of the body. A brilliant stone for the spine, bones, heart and lungs. Almandine Garnet encourages blood flow as isuseful in treating the liver and pancreas.
Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene  provides a shielding influence and a calming, stable strength duringuse. Almandine Garnet increases our levels of passion and enriches our own sexuality.

Almandine Garnet promotes connections to other worlds, helps us to remember our dreams, and allows us to make a connection with a higher intellect. It is very useful for opening a pathway between the base chakra and the crown chakra and allowing us to channel spiritual energies into our physical body.

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