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Ametrine Bracelet

The ‘Stone of Spiritual Wisdom, holding a beautiful, mesmerising and spiritual energy, Ametrine is a true and enlightened gift to all.

This is a stone that stimulates the third eye and crown Chakra greatly, helps to awaken one to spiritual learning and increases the bodies natural vibrational rate.

Ametrine suits any being on a journey of enlightenment, helps to bring tranquillity and serenity, as well helping one to see past physical reality.

This stone can be used to gently stir the Kundalini, and also bring about necessary energy shifts within the core of Chakras. Ametrine encourages one to find wisdom in all life, and to use this to bring forth positive blessing’s to oneself and to others.

Ametrine also helps ease headaches, deepen sleep states, induce intuitive dreaming and calm nerves. This stone is perfect for meditation, it brings a very soothed, peaceful and deep visualisation state. Use Ametrine at times when one just needs to escape and relax, take time out. ​​​​​​​

This is not a very grounding stone, be very sure to match a grounding stone alongside Ametrine.


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BRAC 214

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Ametrine Bracelet

Product Code: BRAC 214