Ammolite Pendant 1

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Ammolite Pendant

Weighs 9.4 grams
Measures 40mm including the bail
Ammolite is an unusual shimmering gem created from the fossilized shell of Ammonite, a marine invertebrate animal that became extinct on Earth around 65 million years ago.  Ammolite  is referred to as  a biogenic gemstone as it is made from purely natural methods.  Other  gemstones that are called biogenic include pearl and amber.
The principal structure of Ammolite is aragonite. However, calcite, silica, pyrite and a countless of trace elements may also be present such as aluminium, iron, copper magnesium, chromium and manganese. The iridescence of Ammolite is due to the micro-cellular structure of aragonite forming in layers which refract various rays of the visible light rainbow spectrum.  Ammolites with thicker layers refract more greens and reds, whilst those with thinner layers refract more blues and violets.
Ammolites have traditionally been used North America natives as amulets to aid with hunting and for use in ritual work for healing.  Recently Ammolites have been used by Feng Shui practitioners to promote affluence, wealth, abundance,  well-being and improve the flow of ‘chi’.
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