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Weighs 31 grams
Measures 50mm x 20mm


The ‘Stone of Equality’, this stone helps bring together those who often feel different to others around them, bringing together the male and female as a balanced energy, bringing an understanding of fairness and of equality.
Amphibole creates a sense of ease at times of threat and of judgement. This stone opens the heart and mind to feelings of fairness, helping the being to accept that they are neither above or below those around them.
A stone to bring balance between quarrelling couples, to lessen the usual feelings and thoughts of one not backing down to the other, “ I am right, you are wrong “ does not sit well with the energy of Amphibole.
Amphibole is can help both the male and female feel more content within themselves, where there may have been one or the other feeling “ less of a man or “ less of a female “, this stone helps to take away those feelings and thoughts.
A very good stone to use in healing and balancing of the Root, Sacral and Solar plexus Chakra centres.
Amphibole encourages one to be less judgemental of others, to see and treat others around them equally.
This stone can help one to break away from un-necessary emotional attachments both in physical and spirit forms.
Amphibole brings a state of balance in the male and female hormones of the body. Also a stone to stop domination taking place within relationships, keeping an equal standing.
A stone that helps one to think before speaking, think before taking action, to be more receptive of help from higher wisdom other than that on a physical level.
Amphibole in a spoken voice is clear and simple, in voice to you, to the person nearest to you, and to the next, never ending. To keep on being spoken through all “ I am as you, as you are as I, we are as one ”



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