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ABOUT Ancestralite


Ancestralite literally sinks down through the layers of the past to reach the core going right down to the racial and collective levels.

Ancestralite is a strongly reflective stone which is able to' cut through' and subsequently draw up and eliminate toxic detritus from the bellows of a persons psyche to be released once and for all.
Amazingly as it does this deep process within a persons subconscious it grounds the person and stabilises them.
It resonates strongly to me with the astrological sign of Scorpio.
It's able to purge toxic residue from the ancestral line and release it naturally and lovingly on behalf of all involved whether  passed on or still living.
Can be very useful for cord cutting and similar work.
It lays to rest the ghosts of the past and re frames any pain or heartache left behind in a positive light.
Ancestralite is able to magnetise the subtle matter stored up by the persons subconscious,the things long since forgotten by the living as indeed these things never spoken about or even acknowledged, these were the secrets,the shame the family had buried after all it was easier not to have deal with it.
Ancestralite addresses these unspoken, unaddressed thought forms ,these guilty secrets and gently transmutes and releases them.
It is a stone of forgiveness ,it does not give a damn who did what to who or why it simply and non judgementally goes about its work and wipes all the slates clean.
This stone is beneficial for anxiety ,for fear and for any mental issues whereby the person does not know why they are depressed or simply unhappy with their lives.
It can help the person to assimilate or to understand what is going on at a deeper level and to go easy on their self as all will ultimately work out exactly as it should at exactly the right time.
Ancestralite feels to me like a true friend.Its energy is both supportive and reassuring,and each time I have sat with it and connected to it I have finished my session feeling a sense of true calm and strong love.
Maybe this is indeed coming from the ancestors.
I have high hopes for this stone for my own journey and that of others and am already feeling such trust in this stone as to exactly how much it  has to offer each and every one of us.
It is an enigma.
The fact that the rough stones in natural state have so many points or sharp edges indicates to me that it can cut through..or point us in the right direction in our searches to eliminate our ghosts from our pasts and that of our karmic or ancestral inheritance.
Works well with Preseli Bluestone, preseli on the soma chakra and Ancestralites in each hand.

This has been written by Julia, a very regular customer :@)