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Weighs 16.4 grams
Measures 30mm x 20mm

Weight and measurements are approximate

Annabergite has a wonderful, bright green colour. This characteristic colour is easily noticeable and was used to spot veins of nickel-bearing ore. Annabergite, or "Nickel Bloom" as it is called by miners, is a weathering product of nickel-containing minerals such as niccolite.

Use to bring harmony with your own inner self.
In healing it is a very good all rounder which fights all infections of the body
and gives mystical power to the senses

It instils acceptance and balance of the inner self. Nothing is unbelievable, unimaginable, or impossible to someone using Annabergite. It assists intuition, imagination, and visualization. Contact with past spiritual teachers and the transference of knowledge is enhanced by annabergite. Alignment with the magnetic energy fields of the earth is also an aspect of this stone.



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NU 209

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Product Code NU 209