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Anne Frances

My name is Anne Frances and I would like to introduce myself to those of you who read this by telling you a little more about myself and how I came to work with spirit.

My spiritual journey has been both subtle and at times explosive. Starting at a very young age, I knew I was searching for something but at the same time was not aware of knowing what it was I was searching for. My inner knowing or intuition was telling me something was missing, I was not complete, I could not be the complete person that I should be. This intuition was both loud and clear.

I carried on searching until my life took a more natural turn and I married young and had two beautiful daughters, my searching was over for a time and forgotten as my children grew and the roll of wife and mother took over. It was in later years that tragedy struck and my eldest daughter who had married and had a child, found out that she had cancer. As an ardent anti smoker and a very light drinker this came as an even bigger shock to us all. She passed this life aged 26 after an illness lasting only 7 months. The effect it had on my family and myself I am unable to find words to express, devastating is a word that does not even come close.

It was perhaps some 3 years later that through a mutual friend, I met an elderly lady who was a healer and trance medium and had been all of her life. When she first met me she had seen the suffering in my eyes and offered me healing which I gladly accepted. I continued to visit her and we became great friends, she would ask me to give her healing and eventually asked me to join her very small circle made up of carefully chosen friends. The circle was predominantly a healing circle where a healing book was placed in the centre containing names of those who were being sent the absent healing, followed by personal quiet time and discussion.

From these beginnings, I went on to take Reiki one and two and to further my experience of meditation, going so far as to take a two week meditation retreat. I joined a spiritual development group and have worked in both open and closed circles. One of my teachers was a clairvoyant medium who has worked both here, abroad and on public media. This widened my abilities greatly, I found that I could read cards, work with psychometry etc and as I grew in confidence found that I was able to channel spirit. I find that if I ask a question of spirit, it is often either between two and three or five and seven in the early mornings that I receive my answers and can often be found during these hours putting pen to paper and writing fervently. Sometimes I am given information that I do not understand but somehow I am able to stay open to receive and accept what comes, spirit then guides me as to the next step, after which, in time, fits into my personal jig saw of lifes journey in the most incredulous ways.

It is said that people come into our lives for either a reason, season, or lifetime. I have been privileged enough to know all of these people. Keith Birch of KSC Crystals, for instance, came into my life as I expect in much the same way as for many of you. I have purchased intermittently from him for some time now. I believe that spirit has played its part in the synchronicity of events that has led me to the exciting prospect of working with him and his crystals, whilst at the same time giving me the opportunity of reaching others who are open to work together with the qualities of crystals and their various vibrations. Both Keith and his crystals are, I am certain, amongst those who have come into my life for a reason. My daughter too came to me for a reason, to revert me back to focus on the searching that life had distracted me from. To her, for that I am eternally grateful and I will love and miss her forever, but she is not the first person to do that for me is she? Now I know what was missing in my life and what it was I was looking for as a young child.

However, there is one friend whose name I did not know, I would like to share the response that I got with those of you who read this when I asked the question who are you?

Who am I?

I am the breath of the wind,

I am the warmth of the sun,

I am the light of the moon,

I am the twinkle of the stars,

I am the ebb of the tide,

Yet I am no one from nowhere.


I may not know the name, but I know who it was - spirit, and spirit will always be part of my life and work with me, I do not need to know  who are you!

Thank you to all of those including spirit who are part of my lifes journey which of course still continues, there is always more to learn and those to learn from. Without them I would not have been able to do the work that I do which I take very seriously and treat with respect using the ethics I was brought up with.

I wish you all love and light and a pleasant onward journey of your own.