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Anthracite Skull 2

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Anthracite Skull
Weighs 82.1 grams
approximately 55mm x 45mm

The 'Stone of Remorse', helping the being to have and show remorse where it is necessary, bringing with it an understanding and acceptance of the situation at hand.

Anthracite is a journey stone because it brings a sense to the being of wanting to look at where, and why remorse needs to be opened to, and shown. It is not for lowering or threat, but for helping the being on life’s journeys.
This a stone that brings with it a sense of peace and freshness from the old to the new. Anthracite is a stone to move the being out of unsteady and unsuitable stages of life, into that of benefit and true warranty.
Also a stone to help the being out of periods of depression and anxiety, as well as helping to calm nerves, protect from panic attacks and ward from sudden drops in the mood state.
Anthracite lifts veils of un-acceptance and denial for the safety of the keeper and surrounding beings. If it is to be that under this veil is a doing that needs remorse, Anthracite will help this come about attracting support or guidance that may be needed along the way.
A stone to help the being to break through bad habits and damaging patterns of life. Very good for the being who feels trapped, lonely or weak at getting out of such ways.
"I shall support you, I shall carry you, I shall comfort you. Loneliness is but a feeling not a happening, when one finds this truth within, one has found something of Divinity. One is then that bit closer to finding oneself, it is that self which is part of the all, part of everything that was, that is, and that which is to come"
Anthracite sweeps the bodies energy field of negative and heavy stagnant energies almost instantly. A stone to remove built up inner smog and also freshen and lift tense atmospheres. It is also a stone that can be used to lift heavy headaches and migraines. This can be done by placing or holding the stone or stones upon the forehead, either as a clearance, or as a treatment to ward off these times.
When the being continues to keep Anthracite close, an energy barrier is created that only stores and attracts that of positive nature and repels that of negative nature.
This is a stone that helps the being to recognise and appreciate that of beauty and marvel, no matter of its form.
A very positive and determined stone that never fails to guide and support in all that is needed. 
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