Apache Gold Pendant 6

Apache Gold The ‘Calling Stone’, opens the being to the voice within and all around.
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Apache Gold Pendant

Apache Gold is a combination of magnetite and pyrite AKA Healers Gold.

Weighs 5.1 grams

Measures 45mm including the bail.

 The ‘Calling Stone’, opens the being to the voice within and all around.  

Apache Gold speaks volumes. It is a stone of grace and of peace, a stone that has an ever growing wisdom, that opens the gates to the callings of countless other beings. 

This is stone for that shall support its keeper infinitely. Apache Gold may in time be left aside, passed on or simply handed back to Mother Earth. Yet, this stones support, wisdom and guidance never leaves the being. It continues to make its mark in many ways. 

Apache Gold helps the being to live and let go. It is a stone that allows space and time for learning and for accepting, then brings encouragement and support to the being in letting go of any negativity or false hope that can cause corruption and blockages in paths of calling. 

A stone that takes away emptiness and replaces this with fulfilment. Apache Gold helps to bring a sense of knowing in the seeking of the beings self calling from listening and learning from the inner voice and the voice that is all around, from a single grain of sand to a single mountain of rock. 

“I am inside and all around, I am above and below. Lift a stone and you shall find me, split a piece of wood and I am there. I am the voice as I am the silence, I am the child who reaches out, I am the adult who reaches back. The waves of the seas, the leaves in the breeze, I am All as all is as One” 

Apache Gold can be beneficial in opening the being to the Golden Ray of protection and the Golden Ray of enlightenment. It is a stone that can be used as an offering for the chosen wish, or to be returned back to Mother Earth in cleansing rituals and for positive blessings. Such happenings are to follow the golden rule being for the “Highest good of All”. 

This makes a very good Ascension Stone for all due to its abilities to work with the being on any level of existence and energy. 

“Bringing an open future out of a Conditioned Future”  



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