Apophyllite & Stilbite 7

Apophylite The 'Stone of Vision', this beautiful stone is able to open the third eye and greatly increase the second sight abilities.
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Apophyllite & Stilbite

Weighs 24.1 Grams

Measures 30mm x 25mm x 25mm

The ‘Stone of the Strengthened Soul’, showing that both the physical and spirit sides of the soul are given deepened strength, helping to bring alignment and unity.  
The 'Stone of Vision', this beautiful stone is able to open the third eye and greatly increase the second sight abilities.
Apophyllite can help one to see clearly using second sight as well as helping to strengthen and sharpen the physical vision, helping to combat eye weaknesses and eye strain.
This stone also helps bring a clarity of thought, increase focus, sharpen thinking and also enhance and clarify the energies of many other stones within the crystal & mineral kingdom.
A stone that works very well with the third eye energy centre and also has a very strong connection to be used by sea travellers in order to give sharper inner and outer vision to mother natures ways.
Apophyllite can be used to finely tune an area or centre of energy, and is especially beneficial to the channeller because of this.
This is also a stone that is helpful in easing sinus pressure and inflammation, easing pressure headaches, and in helping the being to break a fever. Keep Apophyllite close to gain strong protection from virus and fevers, as well as in helping to strengthen the immune system.
Besides being beneficial as a protection stone against illness, Apophyllite is a very good stone to be used by all travellers as a protection talisman.
“I shall guide and I shall protect, I shall work to hold one safe from the Storm“.
The ‘Stone of Physical Strength’, help’s in the strengthening of major muscle organs such as the heart, as well as giving strength and stamina when it is needed most.
Stilbite can help stop wear and tear of all muscle, as well in the repair of muscle and ligament damage. Where there are times when physical strength and stamina are a must,
Stilbite is the stone to give such a support.
Stilbite helps to regulate blood pressure, the hearts beat and also help in the stemming of blood loss that may be from injury or surgery. This stone can also help repair vascular damage and help in combating sudden or continuous nose bleeds.
Stilbite can be beneficial for those who have conditions where the blood fails to clot when needed, such as Haemophilia, in helping to slow the conditions affects down to give the blood a better chance to thicken and clot as needed.
This stone certainly pays close attention to the physical being and can help the spiritually attuned one to remember that the physical body matters.
“To help one to remember that one can be a free spirit, but one must not forget that physical existence is important also“
A stone to have in all healing kits.
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