Aquagaia Jasper Palmstone 1

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Aquagaia Jasper 

Weighs 118.6 grams
Measures 75mm x 50mm x 15mm

This Jasper is a new find from the Himalayas.


Jasper is commonly found worldwide and is known as the supreme nurturer, and was often worn by Shamen to provide protection.

Holding this particular variety of Jasper it is not difficult to connect to these descriptions.  Female nurturing hands, cradling Gaia, administering healing and protection, in directions that perhaps we do not usually remember.

When we send out healing to Gaia, it is most common for us to send it downwards into the sacred living earth beneath our feet, just as when we ground ourselves, we can imagine roots growing from our feet down into the earth. We focus literally on the earth which is only a small proportion of this planet which we call home.

This variety of Jasper tends to remind us that there are other areas of our planet that also need that healing and protection. The seas and oceans are areas that, as human beings, we do not give respect to. We pollute and plunder taking all and giving nothing in return. Our rivers, lakes and reservoirs may well be stocked with fish for sporting purposes, but what do we return into the seas and oceans? We take the stocks from these areas diminishing the world that lies beneath the waves, depositing rubbish, leaking toxic waste damaging all forms of sea life.

There are also animals and birds that are in need of our focus that are being hunted to the point of extinction or are dwindling in numbers due to loss of their natural habitat, even dying through the lack of water due to drought.  These are the areas that this Jasper works with, focusing on conservation of water that all forms of life require, and the animals, birds and creatures with whom we share this planet.

It is said that an elephant never forgets, and working with this Jasper, we are being reminded to remember those mostly forgotten places that so desperately need our help, healing and protection.

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