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Aragonite Bracelet

8mm Power Bead

This stone is a solid cream colour with brown stripes in it and has a matt finish.

Aragonite heals base chakra, allows for insight, aids self discipline.

Aragonite helps to stabilise the emotions, especially good when one feels overwhelmed by responsibilities. It  helps us to centre ourselves during times of stress and anger.  Also helpful in calming the mind for meditation.

 Aragonite can provide insight into the reason for our problems.  When we are overwhelmed by responsibilities and can help us remain comfortable and be patient. A bringer of truth and understanding, Aragonite has the ability to remove the fog and clouds behind these feelings and enable the user to make clear decisions. It enables the user to get to the bottom of any problems and provide clarity.


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Brac 371

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Aragonite Bracelet

Product Code Brac 371