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Artistry Orgonite
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Artistry Orgonite (Large)
Artistry Orgonite Each individual shape has a variety of special crystals included, but they all contain Quartz, Pyrite, Obsidian, and Aluminium.
Artistry Orgonite (Pocket Pieces)
Artistry Orgonite There are seven varying shapes that can be associated with the seven Chakra's. Each individual shape has a variety of special crystals included, but they all contain Quartz, Pyrite, Obsidian, and Aluminium.
ABOUT Artistry Orgonite

Artistry Orgonite

 Organite is not a new concept, and there is a wealth of information on the web, explaining in varying degrees of complexity, the background, from the Science to the construction.
Julie Sutton is the creator of these new pocket sized Organite.
 This is her story :-
 I decided many years ago that I would be making these items to cope with the local pollution, and to remove the permanent grey cloud that sat over the town that I live in, but never seemed to be anywhere else, also to help transmute the energies of several masts and towers around the area, and benefit the local wildlife and natural surroundings.
I placed several Tower Busters (TB) in the garden.
This definitely had an effect. My intention was to let the weather move through its cycles naturally. It has certainly done that because since then, my fruit and vegetables have been wonderful and the permanent grey cloud is history allowing varying weather patterns.
My next project was to use some Holy Hand Grenades or Cones as I have called them. I placed these at the end of the garden to stop the effects of the nearby substation.  I owned a Eucalyptus tree that I had planted alongside the substation, it grew away from the building at 45’, so much so, it had to be taken out several years later as it would not grow straight and became dangerous.
My second concern was the effects inside the home regarding the amount of electrical equipment used and the distorting magnetic fields produced by the power supply and items.
I decided to make the smaller size pieces that are easier to carry, or used around the house, these can be used near :- sockets / plugs / telephones / microwaves / TV / computers / fridges. They can also be used by putting them into your plants , handbags, cars, or ‘dead areas of space’, rooms with electrical equipment.
I also use the small button on my mobile phone.
It was my intention that these items could become gifts for other people. I wanted the pieces to be effective but affordable, as many of the pieces available to buy, are expensive. I have been using these small pieces around my home for quite some time, and I am still finding different uses for them and getting exciting results.
I hope that you enjoy working with them.
Julie Sutton