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Ascension Stones 

Weigh 157.4 grams the pair

Measure 40mm x 30mm x  & 40mm x 30mm 

The ‘Stone of the Inner Ray’, brings forth balance, stability and contentment in everyday life, every step of the way. 

Ascension Stones stimulate and connect with the Inner Ray of light in all beings. It determines and joins with the needed Ray at the needed time, bringing forth an outlook of harmony and peace. 

This is a stone that can greatly help the being in life’s turbulent times, where emotions need calming and stability is sort. Also very good to settle anxiety, worry and nervous disorders. 

Ascension Stones are very beneficial in helping to bring focus and balance to the over-active, over-excitable or easily distracted being. A stone that also works well in grounding and de-cluttering the mind and bodies energies, especially helpful with meditation and relaxation practices. 

This particular stone can be described as “shape shifting” to its needed use, how it determines, stimulates and connects with the needed Inner Ray is a great example. Yet, Ascension stones also have a mystical side to them which works in the same manner. They have a deep connection to Nature Spirits, and can be used in nature magic and nature ceremonies as offerings or for direct communications. 

Ascension Stones help to strengthen and repair the aura of weaknesses and holes on all layers. It makes a very good protection stone for this reason, by forming a cloak energy around its keeper.

Also, this stone makes a very harmonious talisman for children and teenagers who need a lot of settlement, focus and stability to keep their feet on the ground while bringing direction and commitment.  

Ascension Stones help the being to release pent up emotion healthily. It is a stone to ease anger and take away the feeling of not being able to take anymore of life’s happenings, replacing it with understanding and a sense of peace. 

The beings own Inner vision to “seeing” the aura can be worked upon and improved by joining with the energy from Ascension Stones. This can be worked upon during meditation or as a day to day desired time of practice. At first, a “floaty” feel may accompany this and it may help to use some extra grounding stones or grounding techniques at such times. 

“ I am in Illusion as I am in Reality, I am in the eye of the beholder ”




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