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Astaraline 5

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​​​​​​​Weighs 17 Grams
Measures 40mm x 20mm 

Astaraline is a natural blend of Muscovite, Quartz and Cronstedtite, found in the Rocky Mountains of the USA. It colorations include white, gray, pink and yellow, and many pieces exhibit glistening sparkles of reflected light.  Astaraline brings high spiritual currents into the body, infusing Spiritual Light and inner harmony to all the subtle energy systems.  It is an important aid to awakening the cellular consciousness.  It also provides a protective energetic ‘cocoon’ that allows for the gestation of the Light Body.  This is an essential stage in the process of vibrational Ascension.
  It resonates throughout the body, readily entering through the third eye and the heart chakra, and making itself felt throughout the body, even to the hands and feet.  It fills the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix with a sense of well-being, as if one is being cradled in Light.  As a stone of cellular consciousness, Astaraline can help those involved in self healing to bring harmony and functional alignment to all of the bodily organs and systems.  Its nourishing, coherent emanations encourage the cells to find the new path to existing in a state of grace, leaving behind the old habits of deterioration and degeneration.  Astaraline amplifies the power of the Divine blueprint for the Body of Light, not as a separate vehicle for the ascension of the individual, but as the transformation of the gross body into one of radiant spiritual Light.  It is as if the stones currents form an inner cocoon of Light within which we can go through the metamorphosis into a new luminous Self.  Astaraline stimulates the cells to produce more bio-photons and it helps one consciously link with one’s Higher Self.  It is a fully awakened stone, having come forward to help with humanity’s transition into beings of Light.  
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