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Aura Quartz
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Angel Aura Amethyst
These Angel Aura Amethyst have been treated with opal aura, to give the purples an alluring shimmery gleam.
Aqua-Aura Quartz
Aqua Aura Quartz Aqua-Aura combines Clear Quartz and gold to produce a very intense energy. The throat chakra is particularly affected, facilitating good communications. It is used to remove negativity on all levels, and to activate other crystals to be used for healing.
Aura Orange Fairy Quartz
AKA Spirit Quartz This is a new variety of Aura quartz that is colored with Iron to produce this lovely yellow-orange colour.
Champagne Aura Quartz
Champagne aura Quartz is created by infusing natural quartz with gold and copper.
Cobalt Aura Quartz
Cobalt Aura is the trade name of an attractive metallic blue Quartz. The surface treatment is trademarked, but is believed to involve a Cobalt based coating that is deposited by spraying at high temperatures.
Forest Aura Quartz
Forest Aura Quartz is created by heating quartz to a temperature of 871 degrees Celsius, then, under a vacuum, the crystal has titanium and chromium vapor passes across its surface.
Imperial Golden Aura Quartz
Made by infusing natural quartz crystal with gold, copper and iron producing iridescent shades of gold, orange and pink.
Opal Aura AKA Angel Aura
The 'Stone of Infinity', brings reminder of the infinite journey of the Soul, of eternal Energy. The circle of life and the process of creation. Opening the mind, body and spirit to a whole new outlook, a doorway of learning and an aura of wisdom.
Rose Aura Quartz
This is a high vibration crystal created from permanently bonding Platinum vapors and other trace metals onto the purest Quartz in a high vacuum chamber
Sunset Aura Quartz
Sunset Aura Quartz. This a new type of Aura Quartz.
Sunshine Aura
Sunshine Aura Quartz is the trade name for this striking bright yellow Quartz. The surface treatment is not exactly know, however it is believed to involve a Gold and Platinum based coating that is deposited by spraying at high temperatures
Tanzine Aura
The ‘Dream Stone‘, a beautiful, alluring and ever deepening energy that brings adventure and fulfilment within and the minds most intriguing and fascinating dream journeys.
Titanium Flame Aura
The 'Stone of Astral Journey, taking and guiding the Astral body on journey's through time, through space, through the un-found and the un-taken.
Topaz Aura Quartz
Topaz Aura Quartz is clear Quartz that has been treated with Gold and Iron Oxide to create the tangerine orange sheen, AKA Tangerine Aura Quartz.
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