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Australian Black Opal Triplet Pendant

Weighs 3.1 grams

Measures 30mm including the bail

Black Opal helps you face your darkest fears, It assists those who wish to overcome phobias, anxiety attacks, chronic worry and other manifestations of fear energy.

The name Opal is derived from the Latin opalus and the Sanskrit upala, meaning ‘precious stone.’

In Roman civilisation, Opal was linked with good luck and hope. The belief in France that Opal could render its wearer invisible, allowing him or her to steal without being caught, may have been the beginning of Opal’s negative associations. An Australian legend reports that a gigantic Opal governs the stars, human love and the gold within the mines.

Black Opal is characterised by a dark body tone causing brightness of colour which is unmatched by lighter opals. Black Opals are usually mined in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, and are the most famous, and sought-after type of opal. The term 'black opal' does not mean that the stone is completely black (a common mistake), it simply means the stone has a dark body tone in comparison to a white opal.

An opal triplet is a slice of opal that has been enhanced by darkening the body tone and magnifying the slice of colour with a domed quartz top.


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PEN 1903

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Product Code PEN 1903