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Black Kyanite 5

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Black Kyanite

​​​​​​​Weighs 15.9 Grams
Measures 45mm x 20mm

“The Revival Stone”
It grounds spiritual energy and also invigorates the body. Its ability to cleanse and open the Earth Star Chakra will remove negative energy from the subtle bodies by pushing all that surplus energy down into the Earth and replacing it with positive energy. Another benefit of Black Kyanite is its ability to cleanse, align and open the Chakras.

 Black Kyanite is a stone with the possession of very powerful healing energy. Having the energy of this stone within the aura will assist in the protection from negativity all any kind as it repairs the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies. Black Kyanite surrounds the aura with this protective energy shield that eliminates any and all adverse energies.
A potent tool for fully incarnating into earth life and for moving into the between-life state to access the current lifeplan, and other lives if necessary, Black Kyanite can view the karma you are currently creating by showing in a future life results of choices made now, and can assist in foreseeing the outcome of a plan. A particularly powerful stone for psychological and auric cleansing that never needs cleaning, used like a wand, the striations rapidly move negativity out of the subtle bodies, aligning and grounding the chakras, and draw dis-ease and stagnant energy from the physical body replenishing it with positive energy and reprogrammed cellular memory. With strong links to the earth, Black Kyanite supports environmentalism and connects with those who are assisting the evolution of the planet. It is said to keep cells connected to the overall divine blueprint to maintain health.
Black Kyanite is a stone of such high vibrations that is affects the aura of anyone within its presence. It is a great crystal that reacts quickly to opening the Earth Star Chakra.
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