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Black Moonstone Obelisk


Black Moonstone has all of the properties of White Moonstone, with an additional emphasis on the New Moon energy, or the creation of beginning’s.
Moonstones can be used to connect with and harness the power of the New moon. Aiding us to put out to the Universe our wishes and our desires ,whatever they may be. The moon has long been reputed by Ancient civilisations to be the bringer of things both tangible and unforeseen.

Whether it was the harvest in days of old or of 'the right man' in more modern times. The mystery of the moon and its cycles is as old as time itself. Moonstones therefore can be used as a medium with which to connect to the moon to enhance to our successes with all things relationships, new jobs, new homes..if we wish to move, and   New pregnancies..should you wish for an addition to your family. In fact anything new which you would like to attract into your life. Sit somewhere quiet with a moonstone in each hand , burn a candle and incense
 if you require , and it aids your mood. Take a few deep breaths and focus your desires in your mind.

Visualise what you desire entering your life and your elation and appreciation upon receiving it.

Feel gratitude.

Vocalise out loud if it helps you in your manifestation.

Be specific if you are using words in particular.

This need take no more than a few minutes.

To close say heartfelt thanks to your moonstones and blow out any candles.

Ideally use these stones on each New moon cycle.

All New moons are powerful but some are more powerful than others due to other astrological influences.

This in astrology is the most powerful configuration, one which denotes all things are possible and on the table, where you can put yourself at the forefront of any new plans for the future.

The configuration of the sun and the New moon that day is very propitious indeed, in fact astrologers are calling it
' the Wish' as the whole astrological profile is so very lucky and beneficial to all.

Therefore we can use this energy in addition to our own energy to bring harmonious events and people into our lives.

If that is our wish.