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What is Healing

 What is Healing

 What is Healing?


Isn’t it just all in the mind?

There have been times when I ask myself this question, however I have been fortunate enough to experience healing from to many skilled people to ignore that there is something that can not explained scientifically. The results for me have been tremendous.

If I had asked people one hundred years ago if they believed that food could be cooked by passing a microwave though it, or that the human body could be X rayed, to see if it had any broken bones. I am sure that I would be faced with the same degree of scepticism that healing encounters today.

In our society we are rather too quick to condemn anything ‘in the mind’ as being illusory – at best hypnosis or brainwashing, at worst pathetic wishful thinking. 

Instead I have tried to focus on how to harness the considerable creative mental power that we all possess.

Healing could be described as simply giving another person your time, focused attention, support, comfort and unconditional love. This can be seen every day with a Mother and child or two friends helping each other in times of grief. 

The power to heal is the power to control and move energy, whether it be from one part of the body to another part or from one person to another person. Any therapy involves an exchange between two or more people. This exchange may involve touch or thought. It works better when we believe in the particular therapy being used, and better still when used in conjunction with crystals. Whatever therapy you use you have a genuine caring or loving intention.

It is essential that the therapist examines the whole person, treat the cause and not just the symptom. Crystals play an invaluable role in holistic healing because of their capacity to affect every level of vibration as well as every aspect of a personality, whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.

As a preparation to a healing session I will enter a calm a centred state, and attune myself to the highest possible plain. This will establish a relaxed environment where the patient can let go! Thought is an extremely powerful creator and I use visualisation and mental images to assist the healing process. ‘The mind is the strongest tool we possess’. ‘Where thought goes energy will follow’


What is meant by energy?

I have been asked to explain myself as to what I mean by energy by a colleague at work. He is a physics teacher and has given me his understanding of energy.

Energy is the ability to do work!

Forms of energy include

  • Chemical e.g. food, fuel etc.
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Sound 
  • Kinetic 
  • Light
  • Nuclear

Potential e.g. a coiled spring, or weight on a shelf.

All of these types of energy can be seen and or measured scientifically.

Work is done when a force causes something to move! I.e. writing not thinking.

Work can be measured.

  Work done is equal to the force times the distance.

  W = F x D


If I weigh 880 Newton’s and I am climbing stairs that are 3 meters high the work carried out is: -

800 N x 3M +2400 Joules or 2.4 Kilojoules

The energy that I am talking about cannot be accurately measured (at this time) nor is it visible (to everybody) as it is very difficult to describe. 

To experience the energy that I am referring to, rub your hands vigorously together for a few seconds until you feel a sort of static electrical charge, the kind that picks up scraps of paper which a comb after you run it through your hair. Now hold them about an inch apart. You should be able to feel warmth, a tingle or something like a force field. 

We are not always aware of the energy field around our bodies and yet we feel uncomfortable if someone breaches our personal space that we are trying consciously to discern.

The best description that I have read describes the body’s energy as ‘Chakra’. This is an ancient Indian Sanskrit word, which translates as ‘circle of movement’.

Bodily energy

The chakras are believed to be three-dimensional whirling vortices that suck energy into our bodies and pulse it through the bodies energy network, acting like substations on a national grid. It is generally believed that there are seven principal chakras. These are aligned along the length of the body, from the top of your head (crown) to the base of your spine (root).

The energy field surrounding your body is an aura, to which it is believed, the Chakra are linked. Chakra energy radiates downwards from the crown Chakra. Though the body, then out to the aura. 

The aura is also made up of seven layers the first being the etheric body which is where the charka’s exist.

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