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3 Tiered Crystal Grid

3 Tiered Crystal Grid

Hi Keith 

Thought I would share my very first 3 tiered crystal grid. I've wanted to find a way to do a somewhat larger grid but in a more condensed space, without it sprawling out so far horizontally, for quite some time. This idea of a three tiered glass pyramid came in what I call 'daytime meditation' or not consciously sitting in meditation. I was actually cleaning under one of my altars with two puppies trying to 'help' at the time. Now, for years I have known that in that space in particular there is a communication vortex that comes through the house.

The glass pyramid itself is from Belarus, hand crafted by a truly lovely lady Natalia. The metal I chose that holds it together is copper, so a great conduit of energy, and one I feel very close to.



The first level:

1 Citrine Tower in the centre

4 Herkimer Diamonds

The second level/middle level:

Nirvana Ice Aquamarine at the centre

4 Lapis Lazuli discs

8 Selenite points (that I crafted with a Selenite piece's permission)

The base of the pyramid:

Flint at the centre, the special piece Judy Hall placed in my hand the moment I met her.

4 Welsh Golden Healers that we mined on Crystal Dragon Mountain in Wales

4 specially chosen Black Tourmaline

4 Smokey Quartz tumbles

A central theme radiates between the levels.

A large natural Aquamarine sits to the left, and a very special Citrine tower a bit to the right. It was set in motion at the exact moment of the Solar Eclipse (partial) in April.

Blessings to you and Sandra,

Linda xx✨