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A Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual Awakening

It must have been the early 90’s that I first became aware of crystals. 

I had had a Spiritual Awakening some 25 years prior to this but crystals didn’t figure until a friend started talking about them, so I thought that I ought to see what all the fuss was about.  I purchased a huge quartz cluster and later a large Amethyst point.  Amethyst because it is the stone for my birth sign.  Did these crystals light my fire? Er, no!  

Friends gave me some other small pieces, if they told what they were, it went right over my head.  Could I tune into these gifts?  Well, still, no. I soon concluded that crystals may be very pretty but still only lumps of rock, even though I had a nagging suspicion that there was more to them than I could uncover. Eventually, they were all placed in a display cabinet and there they stayed until just over a year ago.

Some people are blessed with a real life changing moment.  I am fortunate enough to have had two.  The first was my Spiritual Awakening, the second was on 2nd Dec 2016 when my friend, a Reiki Master, gave me healing.  I later drew a chart for the healing session and found that the relationship to my birth chart was uncanny.  Astrologically the time was perfect.  Crystals were used during the healing and I ended up sobbing and overwhelmed with the joy of just Being.  I also realised that I had become “switched on” to crystals!

Appreciating crystals has consequences, fortunately I have a sympathetic and spiritually aware husband so the postman delivering parcels with ever greater frequency has not caused too much of a problem.

I am very much a mental rather than emotional person.  This may be great in the science and technical arena where I used to work but it is really, really bad when you are trying to connect to a crystal.  So, how have I chosen my crystals?  Initially, I read books and websites and fell into the trap of getting the next “wonder stone” that does everything, the bigger the better.  Oh, how wrong was that!  Collectors’ items they may be but some I still cannot connect to.  With greater experience these days and the realisation that I need to trust my fledgling intuition, I tend to look at websites like Keith’s (KSC Crystals) and if something catches my attention I will delve a little deeper into its meaning then, if I am still interested, select the crystal that I am most drawn to.

I hope from reading this you have realised that I am certainly not a gifted psychic that can tune into stuff in a heartbeat.  I struggle, really struggle, at calming my mind, meditating and connecting to crystals.  Some crystals have really blown me away, most however, do not (yet!)  

Hopefully by sharing some of the experiences from my crystal journey, I can help others and in so doing, bring a little more crystal love and light into the world.

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Smoothing out a z i g - z a g mind

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