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Connection with the World of Light

Connection with the World of Light


An article by

Lindsey Elizabeth Day


It is often around 2 a.m. that artists, musicians, scientists, poets and writers sometimes receive, from the Inner World, which is also known as the World of Spirit or the World of Light, insights and inspiration regarding their work. I keep a notebook by my bed for such occasions. One day, a while ago, I had spent the day trying to decide what to put in the blurb that I was going to put on the back cover of the book that I was writing. I was delighted, therefore, when I woke up during the night and the description I needed flowed to me in full. I turned on the light; wrote it down in my notebook; put the notebook and pen back on my bedside table; turned off the light, and went to sleep again. When I woke up in the morning and opened my eyes, I was amazed to see what looked like lots of Persian writing, in black ink, on the white cover of my duvet. As soon as I looked in the bathroom mirror, I had an even greater surprise. A moustache, which extended as far as the outer corners of my mouth, had been neatly filled in, using black ink, between the top of my upper lip and the bottom of my nose. I have always wondered if my higher self had been having a laugh as how this occurred is still a mystery to me.

Mystery and the mystical are the basis of my new book, which is called, Crystal Mysticism1.  The information was gained through the miracle and magic of meditation. Many souls, and many more of every kind, have been given information about a Great Shift that is going to occur to Earth as well as to human beings. The Light Bearers mentioned in my book include crystals and gemstones and a particular process is set out in it concerning meditating with crystals. It can lead to a closer connection opening up with the stone beings and result in the hidden knowledge that they possess being revealed to you. If you want to gain valuable insights about The Divine as well as crystals, Crystal Mysticism can help you to open up your connection with the World of Light and the Crystal World.

I am going to leave you with a couple of tips about these connections. The first one relates to crystals. Crystals like being displayed, but they become dusty so before I start meditating with a crystal that I am in a relationship with, I always brush it with a soft brush to remove the dust. I have never come across a crystal that doesn’t seem to enjoy being gently brushed or stroked and I have realized that doing this strengthens the bond that I have with the stone being. The other tip concerns the amusing connection with the World of Light that I shared with you at the start of this article.  As a consequence, I recommend that if you are woken up in the middle of the night and gifted with some enriching information, you write it down using a pencil!   


1 Crystal Mysticism can be purchased from Amazon. 
   It is also available on the Book Depository website.