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Meditating with my new crystals

Meditating with my new crystals

Hi Keith 

I am going to meditate with the Lodestone in one hand and hold the Magnetite with my other hand. When I took the Magnetite out of its packaging I saw an image of the three pyramids at Giza so I believe that what will unfold during the meditation is going to be interesting to say the least! 

I forgot to mention to you, when I spoke to you yesterday, what I saw regarding the Cintamani Stone. Although it has a black pitted looking surface, when I held the stone in front of a candle it glowed with a rich translucent copper colour. Copper is associated with Venus and Venus is associated with beauty and most days recently, before I had received the stone, I had been saying at the start of the each meditation, "This meditation begins in beauty." The warmth that comes from the Cintamani Stone when I hold the crystal and the knowledge that I have gained about its inner beauty has led to me believing that it is, indeed, a special stone. From what I have gathered, the inner beauty of the stone can be expressed in several different colours. It was strange, but very nice, that I chose the Cintamani that has a copper glow. Its wish fulfilling power has also manifested already.

It is so good to be able to share these observations with you and also to have a chat about metaphysical matters every so often. With regards to the information that I am going to send you about my book Atlantis: As Below So Above, which you very kindly said you will put on your Blog.

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