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My New Amethyst Sceptre

My New Amethyst Sceptre

Amethyst Sceptre

Initial impressions were:


It was, what I would call, a slow introduction. It wasn’t one of those ‘oh my God’ moments when I met her, or one of those instant yes’s that say ‘I must indeed bring this one home’. It was curious and I just let it be. Then little by little over the remainder of the afternoon and throughout the evening at a lovely Night Market, there was this feeling of ‘yes’. It was like watching and experiencing my heart opening, gently like the petals on a flower little by little, a lotus came to mind, and this Amethyst Sceptre taking its place, sitting, in my Heart. I knew this Sceptre was indeed, most certainly, mine! Right.

Just before committing to the order, I had a bit of a nudge shall we say, from ‘the other side’. The words of that nudge are tucked safely in my heart. With a big smile!

Somewhere along the way of my ‘crystal reading’ if memory serves me right, I read along the lines that a true Sceptre is created naturally, not carved. If one is carved well then, to paraphrase, it is not a Sceptre and will not work as a ‘true sceptre’. As I held mine to my Heart, and have several times since she arrived, I allowed that to just be. Thoughts drifted to my crystal skulls and crystal dragons. My crystal phoenix and the crystal eagle that ‘flew home’ with the Sceptre. Well I thought, they are carved and they certainly work!! Maybe part of my crystal work moving forward is to discover that carved sceptres work in the same way and every bit as effectively as the strictly natural ones.

Preliminary dowsing indicated that my Sceptre is indeed natural, but the top had been shaped and polished as had some of the ‘stem’ to enhance its beauty. It was not carved from a straight piece of Amethyst that happened to have one end that was larger. Now I wonder if it was as well to enhance its power.

All I know, is this overwhelming feeling that this Sceptre, my Amethyst Sceptre, is my tool. It is my sceptre. And it will work admirably (thanks my friend!) in the years to come. It truly is lovely and I am intrigued by the window and many intricacies within the crystal itself.


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