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The Chakra System

The Chakra System

The Chakra System

Chakra's are spinning vortices that focus certain frequencies of energy. When a chakra accumulates stress it becomes less able to assimilate and direct the appropriate energy into the body. Each chakra has a particular focus but they are all interrelated. When one chakra becomes disturbed it can upset the functioning of other chakras. Over time this may contribute to physical illness or emotional upset. Depending on your surroundings and activities some chakras may be more active than others. It is best when healing to seek to achieve an overall balance in the chakra system, rather than focusing on only one or two areas. Each of the chakra is linked with the physical functions as well as emotional and mental states, and is also as with a colour. Much of the work of the chakra is concerned with maintaining a healthy balance between the different parts of the individual. The subtle bodies are the energy structures of each aspect of the self which interpenetrate, and extend beyond, the physical body. We are all aware of these non-physical areas of ourselves when we feel our “space” being encroached upon, or when we sense the mood of someone close by. The aura, or auric field, is a general term given to these complex interactions of energy, but they can be differentiated more clearly.

All subtle bodies maintain a flow of information and energy between them. When this flow is disturbed by a stress or trauma it acts like a shadow that blocks vitality to the system as a whole. Placing crystals within the auric field can work on these areas of stagnant energy, releasing them and realigning the whole subtle body system.

To function properly a chakra must be open otherwise blockages will occur resulting in imbalances which can lead to physical pain. The energy must be able to flow unhindered.

Each chakra consists of a varying number of small rotating vortices, spinning and resonating at certain frequencies, which increase upwards from the root/base chakra to the crown chakra. The frequency resonates, and corresponds to certain colours in the visible spectrum.


The chakras are connected to the main “power line” running along the spine, from the crown chakra down to the base chakra.

The crown and base chakras can be thought as being paired, whilst the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral have a front and rear paired aspect.

The front aspects are related to one’s personal feelings and inner-self (world), the rear to personal will and outer world.

Together the physical chakras and the transpersonal chakras make up the chakric column or chakric system.


Located just above the top of the head, linked to the pineal or pituitary glands. Its colour is violet and it maintains overall balance of the chakra system and  channels universal life energy into the system. It maintains a sense of wholeness and stimulates fine levels of perception, intuition and inspiration.


This is often called the third eye and is the centre of the brow. Its colour is indigo and it is linked to the pineal or pituitary glands. 

It is concerned with understanding, perception, knowledge and mental organisation. 


Is situated by the thyroid glands. Its colour is blue and is concerns are with all  kinds of communication, personal expression and the flow of information. 


Located in the centre of the chest and associated with the heart and thymus gland. Is colour is green and the heart chakra deals with relationships, personal development, direction and sharing.

Solar Plexus

Located just below the rib cage. Its colour is yellow and it is associated with the pancreas and spleen. This chakra identifies and assist in as sense of identity, self –confidence and personal power.


Situated in the lower abdomen below the navel. Its colour is orange and its functions are creativity feelings sexual drive, pleasure and exploration.  It is related to the gonads. 

Base or Root

Located at the base of the spine. It is usually linked with the colour red. Its main functions are physical survival, stability, energy distribution and practicality. The base chakra is linked adrenal glands.


Transpersonal Chakras

There are four transpersonal chakras which are located in one’s energy fields and are the link to the spiritual parts of one’s being, and the Divine/Source.

They are the doorways through which energy can be transferred from the physical, 3rd dimension to higher dimensions, and vice versa.

There are three located above our head and one below our feet.

Causal Vortex

The causal vortex chakra is located 3 – 4 inches above / behind the crown chakra.

When activated and developed it keeps one’s connection to one’s soul. It helps to keep the mind clear and focussed, thus allowing for soul input / ideas, or intuition to flow freely.

Soul Star

The soul star is located 6 inches above and behind the top of the head. It is the interconnecting link between the body chakras, causal vortex and stellar gateway.

When activated one can feel the connection and love of all things. The soul star acts as a bridge between spirit and matter (i.e. physical). It slows down the high frequency energy of “Spirit” to a frequency that can be integrated into the human consciousness.

Stellar Gateway

The stellar gateway is located about 12 inches above and behind the head.

When activated it allows the two-way transference of energy from “Spirit”/ higher dimensional consciousness into the human consciousness.

Earth Star

The earth star is located about 6 inches below the feet.

It is the vortex that connects one to Mother Earth. It allows the energies to interact and thus keeps one grounded within the physical, 3rd dimensional realm. It anchors one’s subtle bodies, therefore keeping them aligned to one’s physical body and the magnetic core of the Earth.