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Crystal Communication

Crystal Communication

Crystal Communication
Lindsey Elizabeth Day


Titanite is called the Stone of Ancient Wisdom and it was the first crystal that I purchased from KSC Crystals. Before one came to me in the outer world, I had been spiritually attuned to the crystal one morning whilst I was meditating. This crystal enables knowledge to be extracted that has hitherto been hidden. 

Some of the knowledge that was opened up to me, after communicating telepathically with this Bearer of Light, is included in my book, ATLANTIS: AS BELOW SO ABOVE, A SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY

The journey is beautifully illustrated by Spiritual Artist, Marion Lawrence, and although this intriguing book does not cover what has been gone over many times before concerning Atlantis, it does provide a unique perspective of Atlantis; guidance on how to become attuned to its mystical vibe; enthralling insights into its forthcoming emergence; an illuminating account of the preparations for life on Risen Atlantis; where it will rise and where Atlantis can be found now. All the knowledge that is in my book was revealed to me whilst I was meditating. It is packed full of esoteric knowledge and I have included information about my past lives in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt to establish how I came to be in possession of this knowledge. Those civilisations were well known for being able to utilise the powers of crystals and gemstones and references are made in ATLANTIS: AS BELOW SO ABOVE  to diamonds and emeralds as well as white and rose quartz crystals.  

Crystals truly are a wonderful gift from Mother Earth and the number of people who are gaining understanding of their healing properties is increasing. In addition, there are crystals that carry a higher spiritual frequency. One of them is a white quartz crystal called, Azeztulite, and I was also able to obtain this crystal from KSC Crystals. 

Although I knew that this stone carries a spiritual frequency that is higher than most other crystals are able to carry, I have been astounded by the volume and content of the knowledge that has flowed to me since I began communicating with this crystal. As a result, I have just started writing another book. It is called, CRYSTAL MYSTICISM.

The fact that I have obtained enough information to write a book about the subject demonstrates not only how special this crystal is, but also how our awareness of the mystical energies of crystals can be enhanced whilst we are in the meditative state. Along with extraterrestrial beings, the crystals that have a higher vibration are helping us to prepare for a Great Event that is going to occur to our civilisation; for the re-emergence of Atlantis will herald the New Dawn of The Light of The World.


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2 CRYSTAL MYSTICISM will be published in 2023.

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