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Healing Crystals – What Are They ?

Healing Crystals – What Are They ?

Healing Crystals What Are They and How do They Work

Healing crystals is the term given to crystals, gemstones and minerals that have been used by many cultures down the millennia for the practise of crystal healing, crystal healing layouts or crystal healing grids.

The essence of crystal healing is to bring harmony and balance to one’s being, allowing the free flow of energy throughout one’s being resulting in a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Healing crystals have unique vibrational energies and their innate power can be used to help energize, align and restore balance to areas within energy fields, thus making healing crystals the perfect tools to bring harmony and balance to all of one’s being.

The Principle of How Healing Crystals Work

Humans “beings” are composed of energy vibrating at various vibrational frequencies. Our bodies are made up of seven “layers” of energy comprising of the physical body and seven subtle bodies. The lowest vibrational frequency is our physical body, which is followed in turn and at increasingly higher vibrational frequencies by the etheric body, emotional body, mental body, astral body, causal body, soul body and integrated spiritual body.

All these “bodies” are connected to each other and to energy vortices known as the Chakras. 

Each “body” has a governing chakra connected to it and each chakra in turn is connected and relates to specific areas within our physical bodies, these being major organs, glands of the endocrine system and our nervous and circulatory systems. Thus every part of our “being” is connected.

Vibrational frequencies can be regarded as states of consciousness having different attributes according to the specific vibrational frequency which also have specific colours associated to them. Likewise subtle bodies and chakras vibrate or resonate to specific vibrational frequencies and can thus be regarded as being states of consciousness having different colours associated to them.

The vibrational frequencies of healing crystals can be used to bring the vibrational frequencies of our chakric system and subtle bodies into balance and alignment so they resonate to the correct frequency for the free flow of energy throughout our being.

The Practical Use of Healing Crystals

Healing crystals can be used in a variety of ways, they can be held in the hand, kept close to the body by keeping them in a pocket or by wearing them as jewellery. However they are predominately used in body layouts during crystal healing.

Healing crystals due to their inherent molecular properties and chemical composition are found in a wide range of coloured forms. The simplest technique is by matching the colours of the healing crystals to the colour of a specific chakra so that a harmonic resonance occurs, allowing the energy from the healing crystals to help to restore the balance of the energy of the chakra. When this procedure is carried out on all the physical and transpersonal chakras at the same time the whole of the chakric system becomes balanced and aligned, which will allow energy to flow freely and for the “health” of an individual to be improved.

By targeting the matching of the colour of the healing crystals to an individual chakra, and thus its associated organs, glands and related emotional/psychological issues, is another way to utilise their energy to help restore balance and bring harmony. For example the sacral chakra is associated with the reproductive organs and one’s creativity, and the colour resonance of the sacral chakra is orange. Therefore the frequency of orange toned healing crystals such as Carnelian and Orange Calcite will connect to the sacral chakra helping with issues of the reproductive system and with one’s creativity. In this way specific issues can be addressed using the energy of specific healing crystals.


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