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Journey into Divine Consciousness (Seraphinite & Angelite Meditation)

Journey into Divine Consciousness (Seraphinite & Angelite Meditation)

Seraphinite & Angelite Meditation with Quartz Grid

Journey into Divine Consciousness

Crystals required

4 x Quartz

1 x Seraphinite

1 x Angelite




Placing of the Crystals



Quartz Grid Placement:

Place one Quartz crystal above the crown chakra.

Position the second Quartz crystal at the bottom of your feet, near the root chakra.

Place the third Quartz crystal to your left side, aligning with your left hand.

Position the fourth Quartz crystal to your right side, aligning with your right hand.

Seraphinite and Angelite Placement:

Hold the Seraphinite stone in your dominant hand.

Hold the Angelite stone in your non-dominant hand.

Now that the crystals are in place, you're ready to begin the Seraphinite & Angelite meditation.

Feel free to adjust the positioning of the crystals as needed for your comfort and intuitive guidance.

When you're ready, you can proceed with the meditation, incorporating the energies of the crystals into your spiritual journey.

Journey into Divine Consciousness


Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.

Place the four Quartz crystals in a grid formation around you as described above. As you position each Quartz crystal, visualise a line of energy connecting them, forming a protective and amplifying grid of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Lie down in a relaxed position, allowing your body to sink into the support beneath you. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and release any tension or stress.

Setting Intentions:

Hold the Seraphinite stone in your hand, feeling its smooth texture and connecting with its energy. Set your intention for the meditation, whether it's to deepen your spiritual connection, receive guidance, or experience healing and transformation.

Close your eyes and visualise a sphere of white light surrounding you, protecting you and infusing you with divine love and light. Invoke the presence of your guardian angels, spirit guides, and any other beings of light you resonate with, inviting their guidance and support on your journey.

Connecting with Angelite:

Hold the piece of Angelite in your other hand, feeling its calming and soothing energy enveloping you. Allow the gentle vibrations of Angelite to facilitate clear communication with the angelic realm. Feel the presence of your guardian angels and spirit guides surrounding you, guiding you on your journey into divine consciousness.

Entering the Sacred Space:

Visualise yourself standing at the entrance of a lush forest, with sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees. As you step into the forest, feel the soft earth beneath your feet and the gentle breeze against your skin. Allow yourself to relax and surrender to the natural rhythm of the forest.

Encountering Seraphinite:

As you continue to walk through the forest, you come upon a shimmering pond surrounded by luminous flowers. In the center of the pond, you see a radiant Seraphinite crystal, emanating waves of healing energy and divine light. Approach the Seraphinite crystal with reverence and gratitude, feeling its energy drawing you closer.

Connection and Communion:

Gently place your hands on the Seraphinite crystal, feeling its energy merging with yours. Close your eyes and allow yourself to enter into a deep state of relaxation and receptivity. Feel the presence of the angelic realm surrounding you, guiding you on your journey into divine consciousness.

Exploring Consciousness:

With the guidance of the Seraphinite crystal and the amplifying energy of the Quartz grid, begin to journey inward, exploring the depths of your consciousness. Notice any sensations, images, or insights that arise as you delve deeper into the realms of your inner being. Trust in the wisdom of your intuition and the guidance of the angels as you navigate this sacred space.

Healing and Transformation:

Allow the combined energies of Seraphinite, Angelite, and the Quartz grid to flow through you, cleansing and purifying your energy field on all levels. Feel any tension, fear, or negativity melting away as you bask in the divine light of these crystals. Surrender to the process of healing and transformation, knowing that you are held in the loving embrace of the angels.

Gratitude and Integration:

When you feel ready, gently release your connection to the crystals, expressing gratitude for the guidance and healing you have received. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and anchor yourself back into your physical body, feeling grounded and centered in the present moment.


Slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings, bringing awareness back to the here and now. Take a moment to reflect on any insights or experiences you may have had during the meditation. Trust that the wisdom and healing of Seraphinite, Angelite, and the Quartz grid will continue to unfold in your life in divine timing.

Feel free to adjust the placement and number of Quartz crystals in the grid layout to suit your preferences and intuition. Allow yourself to fully surrender to the transformative energies of these crystals and the guidance of the angelic realm as you journey into divine consciousness.

Please follow this link to see the set :-

Seraphinite & Angelite Meditation with Quartz Grid

This grid could be enhanced further by replacing the Quartz with Lemurian Quartz.

A one-minute prayer to manifest anything

Divine Source of all creation, 

Grant me the power of manifestation, 

Guide my thoughts, words, and deeds, 

To align with the highest good indeed.


In your boundless grace, I find my way, 

To shape my reality, night and day. 

With every breath, with every sigh, 

Let my intentions reach the sky.


With crystals as my allies, strong and bright, 

Amplifying intentions with their light. 

Their energy pure, their beauty divine, 

Enhancing my manifestation line.


May abundance flow in every stream,

 And fulfill my deepest dream. 

Let love and light surround my being, 

In harmony and joy, I'm seeing.


As I walk this path, strong and true, 

May your wisdom shine through. 

Manifestation's magic I embrace, 

With gratitude, I claim my space.


In faith and trust, I release this prayer,

 Knowing that you always care. 

And so it is, and so it shall be, 

Manifesting blessings for all to see.



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