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Judy Hall ( A masterclass in using crystals to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Fields.

Judy Hall ( A masterclass in using crystals to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Fields.

In this Video Judy Hall delivers a masterclass in using crystals to protect yourself from from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). 

She outlines the key teachings from her book, Crystal Prescriptions volume 3 Crystal solutions to electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress.

Please note :-

In the video Judy talks about making a Shungite Water.  Personally I do not recommend drinking Shugite water or any other water that has had any crystals placed directly in it. You can however make Gem elixirs using the non contact method.


Some of the topics that Judy covers in the video :-

Wonderful Shungite for EMF protection

Clean your Shungite

The best other crystals for EMF protection

Smokey Quartz

Rose Quartz

How to make a selenite grid

How to heighten your crystal protection

EMF Protection Petaltone

How to make a Star of David grid

Black Tourmaline

Protection from  the  electricity substation by Judy's house.

Mobile phone protection

How to protect children from EMFs

Pylon and smart meter EMF protection

EMF Protection in the car

Black Tourmaline

Preseli Bluestone

Honouring Judy Hall's Legacy

I am honoured to present Judy Hall's crystal collection on my  website. It is a collaboration that I hold dear to my heart, and I am humbled to be entrusted with preserving and sharing the legacy of such an esteemed figure in the crystal community.

Come and explore the transformative power of Judy Hall's crystals. Let them guide you on your personal journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. Together, let us celebrate and embrace the remarkable legacy of Judy Hall, forever shining through these extraordinary crystals.

Click on the link below to see the collection:-

Judy Hall Crystal Collection 


Judy Hall (Other Crystal Books)

Judy Hall was an internationally known author, astrologer, crystal expert, psychic and healer. A leading authority on spiritual development, Judy had more than 45 years of experience in karmic astrology, crystal healing and past-life therapy. She was the author of over 45 books - including the bestselling The Crystal Bible, which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.


      Life Changing Crystals

Judy Hall (Crystal Prescription books)

These symptom-based A-Z directorys by Judy Hall, author of the best-selling The Crystal Bible¬, will help you to identify exactly the right crystal for your needs whether it be for healing mind, body, psyche or spirit, and will point you to useful stones for improving vitality and well-being.  Practical first-aid guides based on sound crystal healing principles that have been practised for millennial.