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Kindred Spirts and Quartz Crystals

Kindred Spirts and Quartz Crystals


Lindsey Elizabeth Day

Encountering Kindred Spirits on a spiritual level, whether they are Stone Beings, Human Beings, or Otherworldly Beings, can be a wonderful experience. To be on the same wavelength that they are on means recognizing the level of understanding of The Light that the being has reached; communicating in the same language, and sharing knowledge for the benefit of all.

One morning, just before Christmas 2022, I was made aware, whilst I was meditating, that the Kindred Spirit Crystal was a stone that I needed to become acquainted with, and I found one on KSC Crystals’ website that resonated with me. The stone is also known as Canadian Amethyst. Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family and Quartz crystals have many gifts to share with us. Although too much significance should not be placed on the name of some stones, it seems to me that the name, Kindred Spirit Crystal, is very apt. This stone is called, Auralite 23, as well, and whilst working with the crystal I received the prediction that something of importance was going to occur in 2023. I did not have to wait long to find out what it was going to be related to as a few days later an email unexpectedly arrived inviting me to a White Eagle Service. 

White Eagle is the name given to “a large company of shining beings, angels, and illumined souls of men and women who are sometimes referred to as ‘the Star Brotherhood’”. The white eagle is the symbol of St. John and he is referred to as ‘the Light Bringer’. There are White Eagle Centres in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England and as there is a Centre near where I live, I decided to attend the service. As soon as I entered the room where the service was taking place, I saw that on the altar there was a rose and as I am a member of The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of The Rose1, a connection was instantly made with the White Eagle Fold. Of all the services that I have been to, concerning a variety of spiritual traditions, the White Eagle Service that I attended on 15th January 2023, was, by far, the most spiritual and, in addition, I gained the impression that I had been welcomed home by Kindred Spirits.

The Logo of the White Eagle Brotherhood is a six pointed star. It is “depicted with no divisions”. At the inauguration of the Brotherhood a three dimensional glass crystal star was presented to them. The work of the White Eagle Brotherhood is “to heal, to comfort, to illumine, to assist humanity on the upward evolutionary path and to help it lose its great fear of physical death”. One of the ways that the work is accomplished is that members of the Fold envisage a six pointed star in their heart chakras, as they believe that the star is “a living form of light and love”, and at the “magical hours” of 3, 6, 9, and 12, every day, rays of light are consciously projected out of the star to the world. I have been holding a Clear Quartz Crystal six pointed star in the area of my heart chakra, at any one, or more, of those times. This is to help me to project the light with greater power as Clear Quartz is regarded as an extremely effective transmitter. Once the healing light begins to flow out from the star in my heart chakra to where it is needed, I receive a jolt from the crystal star.

When I obtained the Clear Quartz Crystal star from KSC Crystals, I cleansed the star first and then I programmed the crystal for the work that I was going to be using it for with regard to the projection of light. The message conveyed to me by the Stone Being, as a result, was “Beaucoup de Terre”. Although I had received many communications from Stone Beings, I had never had a message conveyed to me in French before. The only reason for this that I have been able to think of is that it might be something to do with a connection, in a previous life, with the forerunner of the White Eagle Brotherhood; for it was a French spiritual group that met in Paris from the 1920s to 1940.  The group was called, the ‘Polaire Brotherhood’, and in 1930, Ivan Cooke and his wife Grace, who was the channel for all of White Eagle’s teachings, were initiated into the Brotherhood and asked to establish a similar one in England. 

One of the rules that the Polaires were guided by was to only bear upon their lips words of hope. This is because where there is hope, there is faith and where there is faith, miracles happen. They were led by ‘The Oracle of Astral Force’ and their Logo was two overlapping triangles, one triangle pointed up and the other triangle pointed down. The downward pointing triangle related to the downloading of knowledge into the human self from the Higher Self. The upward pointing triangle represented the mysterious oracle. It was operated by placing the numbers 3, 33, and 333 or 3, 6 (3+3) and 9 (3+3+3) in descending order in a triangle that pointed upwards. If knowledge was requested without guile, it was duly obtained. The acclaimed Sufi Mystic, Rumi, declared centuries ago that, “If your head would shatter in wonder at what reality really is, reason’s tyranny would end and every hair on your head would become an oracle”2. 

In a book that I was reading recently about The Oracle of Astral Force 3, reference was made to “the tremendous hold oracles such as those of Delphi, Horus, and Bel Marduk have had on the history of peoples”. Intriguingly, a few weeks before I started reading the book, a friend drew my attention to a modern version of an Eye of Horus Oracle and again there seems to be a Kindred Spirit connection. Grace Cooke, who passed to spirit in 1979, was aware of a past life in Ancient Egypt 4 and so am I5. 

Although the Eye of Horus Oracle is no longer on the market, I was able to obtain the guidebook; but small tablets with symbols on them, which originally came with the guidebook, were missing. At the back of the guidebook there is a page with a picture of each one of the tablets and I copied the page; cut out the pictures, and attached them to Clear Quartz Crystal points with white ribbon. (A little while afterwards, I discovered in one of the books written by the renowned crystal expert, Judy Hall, that Indigenous people called Quartz, “the brains of Mother Earth”.) The first symbol that I took out of the bag that the symbols were in was the Scarab Symbol. Something amazing then occurred as several days later I became the trustee of a set of Scarabs that had belonged to Judy, from the Judy Hall collection. Before she passed to spirit in 2021, Judy had visited Egypt many times as she had also remembered a past life in Ancient Egypt.

2023 has certainly been an extraordinary year for me, so far, concerning Kindred Spirits. A more profound connection with them is an example of the amazing grace that can ensue when working with the Kindred Spirit/Canadian Amethyst/Auralite 23 Crystal. If you feel drawn to add this stone to your collection, 2023 may well become an exceptional year for you, too, regarding Kindred Spirits.

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