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Stories from a Crystal Expert | Judy Hall

Stories from a Crystal Expert  | Judy Hall

Judy talks about her fascination for crystals which started at a young age. 

She tells us how we can use crystals to help us and recounts funny stories about her experiences. 

We understand that although some crystals can be very beautiful we also discover that many stones can have healing properties.

Please follow the links below to see some of the crystals that Judy talks about :-

Brandenberg Quartz

 Eye of the Storm




In November 2012 I worked with Judy on a workshop and book signing event, you can see a short YouTube video below.

Use crystals to access the power of sacred landscapes for personal transformation. A key that harness the energy of the place, crystals give you access to sacred power. Our journey will take us on a sinuous path around the planet following the dragon lines and crystal bones that underpin our world. The energy at sacred sites is incredibly alive and highly responsive to interaction with it. It stays with you no matter where you go as an expanded awareness and heightened sensitivity, providing healing and catalyzing your spirituality. You can access this numinous grid with the assistance of crystal tools to open the limitless possibilities of your imagination. You are invited to become an armchair traveler and join Judy on this journey into sanctity.

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