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The Crystal and the Psychic

The Crystal and the Psychic

The Crystal and the Psychic

I was gifted my first crystal for my 24th birthday and had no idea what it was! My sister loved to surprise me with what she would term ‘different gifts’.   I opened the box to find an odd-looking purple stone on a single chain.   And confusion turned to disbelief as she picked it up, and I watched this little stone swing in one direction and another to answer her questions.  No sleight of hand, it moved as if by magic.  I was hooked!   Her final question was to ask if it would be happy to work with me and I could barely contain myself when it replied ‘yes’!   

That was my first pendulum over thirty years ago, which literally set me on a journey that changed my life beyond recognition. 

Roughly one year later, a friend asked if I would be interested in attending a weekly meet-up of like-minded people to discuss Astrology.  I was dying to know more about these ancient secret traditions and jumped at the chance.  I stayed with this group for four years and only left when I moved away.  Our friendships are still strong to this day.

During our time together we explored many different psychic tools, which is the purpose of any good development circle.  Some fell in love with Astrology, but I could never move beyond the basics. 

I believe that psychic development is something like learning a language.  There are so many tools to help you.  Some, you will instinctively understand at your very core, others will remain aloof no matter how hard you try.    The only common denominator is to sit within the power with an open heart and to serve humanity.  It’s this whole other world.  And for me, crystals were the key that opened the door to many others. 

I learnt in the circle that Tarot was my language, crystals were my allies, and that spirit was happy to use me as their voice.  I worked within psychic circles for three years at holistic events, sold products at the Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Olympia for two years, and studied mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College (if you don’t know it? look it up – attending is like being reborn!)

 I have also  co-hosted six local mind, body, spirit events and have written over ten books.  Four months ago, I achieved my dream and opened The Tarot Shop UK, where I can provide the tools and share the language that shaped my life and has served countless clients. 

I am passionate about self-empowerment for all.  We are the students; life is the teacher, and our tools are our allies.  Even if you don’t have a call to serve others you can benefit from these tools in your own life.  

I could not imagine my life without my cards and my crystals.  It stands to reason that I am an Amethyst girl; I’m an Aquarian and it was my first date after all!  I also use Shungite by my Wi-Fi  (much to the frustration of my daughter) wear Rainbow Moonstone and Mystic Topaz, consult with Spirit using Clear Quartz, use Aventurine and Citrine to keep that money flowing, and keep Black Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye with me to protect against overzealous energy, hold Hematite at any mass gathering, keep Rose Quartz in my bedroom, have Fluorite on my desk to keep me focussed, sleep next to a Celestite ball and a crystal grid and have just found Labradorite, my match made in heaven! It may sound excessive, but I know I’m typical of my profession.  Shiny things come home! 

Whenever anyone asks me how to develop their psychic skills, I advise that first, you must be in alignment, at peace and in a safe space.   A crystal expert and healer can help with this.   At this point, if you can feel the energy of the crystals you will fall in love as we all do.   They speak to you, call your name, whisper words of love, soothe your pain, focus your mind, protect your energy, balance your chakras, give you strength and the list goes on and on as does my collection!

I hope that you’ve found my introduction to crystals interesting, and if you would like to explore the language of Tarot please pop over to my website :-  

There is a free knowledgebase, Tutorials, YouTube channel, Tarotscopes and over 100 decks to buy if you feel the call.



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Enjoyable read. She's amazing. Have worked a few fairs with Maria. Knows her stuff that's for sure