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Customer Stories
Kindred Spirts and Quartz Crystals
Encountering Kindred Spirits on a spiritual level, whether they are Stone Beings, Human Beings, or Otherworldly Beings, can be a wonderful experience
Tribute to Judy Hall
She was a teacher, a guide, someone to share laughs with, someone who could be blatantly honest (which I like in a friend), someone I truly respected and one I deeply cherished. It’s hard to write in the past tense, “was”, because she still feels much...
Connection with the World of Light
Mystery and the mystical are the basis of my new book, which is called, Crystal Mysticism1
My New Amethyst Sceptre
It was, what I would call, a slow introduction. It wasn’t one of those ‘oh my God’ moments when I met her,
The Crystal and the Psychic
I was gifted my first crystal for my 24th birthday and had no idea what it was! My sister loved to surprise me with what she would term ‘different gifts’.