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Trademarked Crystals

Trademarked Crystals

Trademarked crystals are accompanied by a descriptive “Certificate of Authenticity” which guarantees that the buyer has purchased that specifically named crystal.

Below is a list of many of the Trademarked Crystals with a brief description as to their more widely known crystal name and country of origin, if known. They are listed in alphabetical order according to their trademarked name. I will add link to my website as soon as I manage to source them.

Many of these crystals can be found in Robbert Simmons books.

A-Z of Trademarked Crystals

Agni Gold Danburite – Yellow Danburite from southern Africa

Agnitite (now know as Pink Fire Azeztulite) – Quartz with streaks of red Hematite from African coastal island

Albatine Aragonite – White Aragonite

Amazez – Banded White Quartz and Purple Amethyst from an African coastal island

Anandalite – Quartz displaying Rainbow Flashes possibly due to the presence of Rhodium from India

Angel Aura Anandalite – Angel Aura coated Anandalite

Angelinite – White Quartz, and other minerals from Vermont USA

Astaraline (very similar to Lithium Light) – Muscovite, Quartz and Cronstedite from Rocky Mountains USA

Azeztulite – Quartz from Vermont and North Carolina USA

“Azozeo” – Term given to a variety of crystals that have been “super-activated” under an Azeztulite and Phenacite filled pyramid which is sited at the centre of a large labyrinth which is composed of White Azeztulite, Clear Satyaloka Azeztulite, Himalaya Gold Azeztulite, Sanda Rosa Azeztulite and Rosophia.

Azumar – Quartz, Kaolinite and trace minerals from Arizona USA

Black Azeztulite – Quartz and Black Calcite from Vermont USA

Black Strongstone – Black Quartz from Mexico

Black Tourmaline Azeztulite – White Azeztulite and Black Tourmaline from USA

Blue-Green Azeztulite  -  USA's Pacific Northwest

Blue Liberite – Feldspar, Iron Oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucozene from Brazil

Boji Stones (that come with a Boji Birth Certificate) – Concretion stones containing Pyrite, Palladium, various minerals and fossils from Colorado USA

Circle Stone – Flint from crop circles in England

Cinnazez – Cinnabar in Quartz from New Zealand

Creation Stone Agate – Agate nodules from Agate Creek Australia

Crimson Cuprite – Vivid Crimson Red form of Cuprite from Mexico

Deva Quartz – Green phantoms of Celadonite in Quartz

Elestial Angel Calcite aka Elestial Calcite or White Moldavite – Calcite from deserts of south western USA

Elestial Selenite – Selenite from Mexico

Empowerite – Petrified Chert from New Zealand

Genesis Jasper – Hematite, Magnetite and Jasper from desert areas in the west of USA

Green Angel Dreamstone – Hedenbergite included Quartz from Inner Mongolia

Golden Azeztulite – Gold/Tan/Milky/Quartz from North Carolina USA

Golden Coracalcite – Crystals/coral from Caribbean islands

Guardianite (formally Guardian Stone)- Combination of Aegirine, Analcime Apatite, Biotite, Feldspar, Nepheline, Olivine and Riebeckite/Arfvedsonite from Oregon USA

Healerite – Possible form of Chrysotile from northwestern USA

Healers Gold – Combination of Magnetite and Pyrite from USA

Heartenite – Phyllosilicate mineral containing Magnesium, Iron, Nickel, Manganese, Aluminium, and Zinc

Himalaya Gold Azeztulite – Yellow/Gold Quartz from Himalaya Mountains

Himalaya Red/Gold Azeztulite – Red/Yellow/Gold Quartz from Himalaya Mountains

Himalaya Red/Azeztulite – Red Quartz from Himalaya Mountains

Honey and Cream Azeztulite – Gold/Cream Quartz from New Zealand

Inkalite – Quartz with inclusions of Chlorite, Agate or Amethyst from Peru

Illuminite – White Calcite and Black Quartz from Vermont USA

Isis Calcite – White Calcite from Sahara Desert

Kaurilite – Semi-fossilized resin from the Kauri trees found in New Zealand

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite – Blue/Green Calcite from Argentina

Lemurian Gold Azeztulite – Quartz based stone from a volcanic region of New Zealand

Lemurian Indigo Calcite – Deep Blue Calcite from Argentina

Lemurian Light Crystals – Very clear Lemurian Quartz from Brazil

Lemurian Gold Opal – Yellow/Gold Opal from island in Indian Ocean

Lithium Light – Lepidolite, Quartz and Cronstedite from Colorado USA

Magnifier Quartz – Quartz from Madagascar

Mani Stone – Black and White Jasper from Southwestern USA

Master Shamanite – Black Calcite. Carbon Calcite trace minerals and very small Fossils from Rocky Mountains USA

Merkabite Calcite – White Calcite from plains of Kansas USA

Moldau Quartz aka Moldavite Quartz – Quartz from the Moldavite strewn fields in the Czech Republic

Moonlight Agate – Agate from New Zealand

Mystic Merlinite – Feldspar, Quartz and trace minerals from island in Indian Ocean

New Zealand Dragon Egg – Schist containing Quartz, Albite Mica and trace minerals from south island of New Zealand

New Zealand White Azeztulite -  Quartz based mineral found only in a remote mountain ​​​​area of New Zealand.

Purple Angeline – Combination of Amethyst, Cacoxenite and Smokey Quartz

Rathbunite – Type of Jasper

Red Fire Azeztulite – Red Quartz based mineral from New Zealand

Redwood Opal – Opal from Mexico

Revelation Stone – Jasper from New Zealand

Rhodazez aka Pink Azeztulite – Energetic hybrid blend of Quartz and Rhodochrosite from northern Rocky Mountains USA

Rosophia – Feldspar and Quartz from Rocky Mountains USA

Sanda Rosa Azeztulite Quartz – Green/Black Mica and Spessartine-Almandine Garnet from North Carolina USA

Sauralite Azeztulite – Quartz from New Zealand

Satyaloka Quartz now known as Satyaloka Azeztulite or Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite – Quartz from the area around the Satya Loka monastery in southern India

Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite – Salmon/Red Quartz from Satya Loka region in southern India

Satyaloka Yellow Azeztulite – Yellow Quartz from Satya Loka region in southern India

Saty Mani Quartz – Quartz from Southern India

Sedona Azeztulite – White Quartz and red, iron rich rock found in Sedona USA

Sedonalite – Concretions from Sedona Arizona, USA

Spiralite – Gemshells Shells and crystals from India

Synergite – Containing Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidochrosite and Rutile

Terralunimite – White Quartz, Black Biotite and Feldspar from northeastern USA

Transmutite – Petrified wood from Nevada USA

Trulite Silica – Quartz based mineral from Southern Africa

Victorite – Spinel, Biotite and Quartz from southern India

Violet Flame Opal – White streaked Purple/Violet coloured Opal from Mexico

Vitalite – Combination stone with white Quartz, red Piemontite and black Biotite from New Zealand


Robert Simmons (Crystal Healing Books)

Robert Simmons has been working with crystals and stones for over 35 years. He is the cofounder of Heaven and Earth.The author of several books, including The Book of Stones, The Alchemy of Stones and Stones of the New Consciousness, he lives in New Zealand.



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