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What my mentor(s) taught me by Judy Hall

What my mentor(s) taught me by Judy Hall

What my mentor(s) taught me

My mentors are a vast crystal collective rather than one specific ‘person’ – or more properly ‘being’ in the case of the crystal skulls. Many aspects of higher consciousness are housed in the skulls – and of profound earth awareness in the dragon skulls. Each has its own part to play.

Horace was my first skull and he taught me that crystal skulls do not always arrive ‘ready primed’ as it were. They may need much nurturing before they are ready to become a receptacle for a higher being. Horace was bad tempered and foul mouthed, so much so that he was nicknamed ‘Mr Grumpy.’ He’d been living next to a group of alcoholics in Glastonbury and thought that was how everyone behaved. So my first lesson was that communicating with a crystal skull mentor is a two way process - and may take some time. But in doing so I learned how to care for all the other crystal skulls of which I would become the temporary keeper.

Horace still doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so it was quite a relief when several other skulls joined the family. The first, Charlie-boy, hates pretension and often pricked Horace’s bubble. Mine too if I became too precious about the skulls. So I quickly learned that the skulls collective were not some ‘higher than thou’ beings. They really wanted to help us evolve in the most practical way possible. They shared much wisdom on how to do this through using crystal grids and journeys. Horace was the prime instigator behind my writing my book on the Crystal Skull and how to work with them.

The gift of a huge Lemurian Seed skull, who revealed her name as Gwenda, and the arrival of Finty, a Flint skull who is beautiful in her ugliness, created an earth healing team that really helped me to see how a crystal collective worked together for the good of Gaia (our Earth). 

Finty has now been sold and got a new home. 


Judy's original picture of Finty :-

They helped me to make a much closer connection to Gaia too. To know that we truly are part of the planet and that the planet is part of us – and taught me new earth healing techniques. Gwenda brings in higher frequency energies from the cosmos, Finty assimilates and grounds them into the earth-plane, and Horace transmutes any toxicity and negativity that is preventing the Earth from healing. Then, together, they fire up the energies and send them around the planet.

By this time, the dragon skulls had arrived to awaken Earth consciousness – and hike mine both up and down another notch or two: true ‘as above, so below’ stuff. I needed much deeper frequencies to contact Gaia. We operate in such a narrow band of vibration. I was already in touch with the elemental dragons, having had a playful green dragon friend called William since I was a child. But, once I’d visited the crystal dragon mountain in Wales, William gave way to a vast golden cosmic dragon. He’ll fly me anywhere or to any time  – dragon transport is simply amazing – and has much wisdom to impart. He leads us in earth healing workshops and assists with ancestral healing too. That this is so needed in addition to karmic healing has become so much more apparent under his guidance.

The star being skulls taught me that not all aliens are bad or to be feared. They intensely dislike being called aliens because, as they point out, we all have star matter inside ourselves and our planet was formed from it. These gentle beings want to work with us on humanity’s evolution so that we, as a species, evolve sufficient to interact with the other species in the universe. They seem to regard us as delinquents who are kept quarantined in a detention centre because of our penchant for harming what should be revered and cared for. The star beings teach me to value everything and everyone without judgement. All have their place. Mind you, that doesn’t stop me from screaming at the television ‘life as you know it’ whenever a scientist pontificates about the lack of intelligent life out there in the universe. According to the star beings, everything, animate or inanimate, has intelligent life. It’s simply displayed in a different way. Crystals being the wisest of all.

The continued story of Finty :-

I'm particularly looking forward to receiving 'Finty'. 

I am sure she will fit in well with my other skulls and dragons who are gearing up for some earth healing. In fact, I think it was them who influenced me to buy her!

Dear Keith, just to let you know that Finty arrived safely and is settling in with the rest of the skull clan. 

I feel truly honoured to be the next custodian of Flnty ❤️